Welcome to Gemini Season 2021: Here's What You Need to Know

Here's what you can expect during the sun's annual trip through the communicative, curious air sign.

Annually, from approximately May 20 to June 20, the sun makes its trip through the third sign of the zodiac, Gemini, the expressive, playful, information-loving mutable air sign. Throughout Gemini season 2021, no matter what sign you were born under, the Twin's influence will have you feeling like connecting with anyone and everyone, buzzing about the day's news, and flitting from one mentally-stimulating activity to the next. In a major contrast to Taurus' slow, steady, stubborn nature, Gemini is zippy, lively, changeable, and up for doing whatever in the moment, especially if it involves human connection, which is basically their lifeblood. They teach us to be spontaneous, unattached, flexible, interested in seeing where any and every moment might take them.

For that reason, it's lucky we're on the brink of a hot vax summer that'll hopefully involve far less social distancing, because Gemini season pretty much demands interactions of all kinds. Curious, quick-witted, and agile, those born under the influence of the air sign thrive when they're able to trade notes with others through animated conversation. So it's no wonder their season is dedicated to Memorial Day weekend celebrations, graduation parties, and lots of spontaneous, early summer get-togethers with friends and family. We're also more apt to travel this time of year, which fits right in with Gemini's M.O. — the mutable sign is ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication, technology, and transportation, after all. (Psst: If you're thinking of traveling soon, use astrocartography, the astrology of travel, to guide you.)

But while the sun moves through Gemini one year after the next, the moon and planets move at different paces and patterns in our solar system, so annually, we get a unique experience during every sign's season. Here's a glimpse at Gemini season 2021.

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You could spend most, if not all, of it focused on tending to old business.

From May 29 to June 22 — in other words, for pretty much the entire duration of Gemini season 2021 — messenger Mercury will be retrograde in the inquisitive air sign. Mercury is right at home in Gemini as its ruler, but during a retrograde, that just means the themes associated with Mercury (and Gemini) will be amplified. You might find information overload leads to communication breakdown with friends and loved ones, transportation delays abound, and all your devices appear to be conspiring to make you pull your hair out. And thanks to the communication emphasis, watch out for feeling like you're not being heard in the way you intended.

At the same time, every Mercury retrograde also presents a bevy of opportunities to revisit old projects that were previously back-burnered and to tend to loose ends that require tying up before you can move forward. With it happening in Gemini, those projects could be collaborative and social, involving friends, neighbors, or siblings. You might find it comforting to revisit a nearby vacation destination you always loved growing up, as Gemini is the ruler of the third house, which oversees short-distance travel. And if wires have been crossed in the past with a family member or S.O., now could be a hugely beneficial moment to put yourself out there with a text, an email, or a video call in order to gain overdue clarity.

June 5 might be a particularly confusing day, as Mercury will square off against rational thought-hazing Neptune in Pisces, adding a layer of delusion-enhancing energy to an already cloudy moment. But then during the solar eclipse on June 10 — the second event of eclipse season (more on that in a moment) — the new moon will pair up with Mercury, and thoughtful reflection and communication can play a role in helping you to embrace overdue change.

You could begin to look inward and pinpoint the self-work you want to do.

From May 23 to October 10, Saturn, the taskmaster planet, will be retrograde in fixed air sign Aquarius. Unlike Mercury, which moves so fast that it tends to have a more recognizable effect on daily life, Saturn is slow and its the effect of its retrograde can be felt much more subtly. It may turn your focus inward to reflect on the boundaries, restrictions, limitations, and structures you've implemented in your life.

If they're healthy ones, which you've worked hard to implement and are willing to work hard to defend, you could feel accomplished. Your therapist might applaud you for walking away from a toxic friendship or saying "no" to a project that wasn't the right fit. On the other hand, if there are aspects of life that require you to create more structure and set better boundaries, you might need to dig into and tackle those sore spots now. (

You'll be pushed to release whatever isn't working in order to free your spirit.

The 2021 Gemini season is an especially intense one, thanks to both Mercury retrograde and eclipse season — all of which is happening in Gemini or the air sign's opposite: philosophical, free-spirited fire sign Sagittarius. On May 26, the lunar eclipse and full moon occurs in Sag, which is all about going big or going home, thanks to its ruling planet, expansive Jupiter. Full moons, in general, are all about intense emotional release. But add in the full charge of a lunar eclipse in unfiltered Sagittarius, plus a square to exaggeration-creating Jupiter, and you can expect, well, fireworks of the figurative variety happening well before Memorial Day.

But it's important to remember that lunar eclipses tend to throw you into the deep end of a pool of feeling in order to set the stage for much-needed change, so they can be truly eye-opening and cleansing emotionally.

By June 10, when the solar eclipse and new moon happens in Gemini, you could have the clarity you need to step into a new chapter. Communication around your vision will be key to making it real, thanks to a conjunction between the moon and Mercury — but because it'll still be retrograde and the moon will square spiritual Neptune in illusion-loving Pisces, don't be surprised if you need to double-check the details and wait for dust to settle before you can fully commit to the path you've decided to take.

You'll bring a take-charge, fun-loving approach to pursuing your aspirations.

Go-getter Mars hangs out in a sign for about two months, and from April 23 to June 11, it was in maternal water sign Cancer, making us all a bit more sensitive and caregiving in how we took action, pursued desires, exerted energy, asserted ourselves, and expressed ourselves sexually. But from June 11 to July 29, the planet of action will move through optimistic, take-charge fire sign Leo. In turn, you might be more apt to prioritize working on your self-image and putting yourself first for a change. You could approach your to-dos in a far more confident, bold, lion-esque way, throwing your hair up in a bun, blasting your favorite Spotify playlist, and just taking care of business.

Basically, if you need Mars in Leo inspo, look no further than Beyoncé, who was born with the red planet in the fixed fire sign — in her tenth house of career and public image no less. So, Mercury retrograde be damned — this is one astrological event that's going to fuel your passion projects and fulfillment of your sweetest desires.

Romance will have a chance to take center stage.

Speaking of sweetest desires, anyone who's a hopeful romantic can look forward to June 2 when the planet of love, Venus, moves out of frenetic, outgoing, airy Gemini into sentimental, heartfelt, home-loving Cancer, where it'll remain until June 26. Date nights could go from spontaneous and group-oriented to far more predictably cozy, couch-locked, and involving cooking or delicious takeout. (

You might also notice a shift away from the flirty mind games Gemini loves toward more comfort around commitment, family, and old-fashioned romance. If there was ever a moment this season for making your feelings known and heaping lots of TLC on your S.O. — and receiving the same in return — it'll be Venus' lovey-dovey trip through the sign of the Crab.

Maressa Brown is a writer and astrologer with more than 15 years of experience. In addition to being Shape's resident astrologer, she contributes to InStyle, Parents, Astrology.com, and more. Follow her Instagram and Twitter at @MaressaSylvie.

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