That doesn't require using the bathroom

By By PureWow
July 26, 2016

You know how they say you can tell your hydration by the color of your pee? Yes, it's accurate, but it's also kind of gross. That's why we employ this much subtler method of checking to see if we're drinking enough water. Here's the deal.

What you need: Your hands.

What you do: Using your thumb and index finger of one hand, pinch the skin on the back of your other hand. If it bounces back immediately, you're hydrated. If it takes a few seconds to return to normal, start sipping some H20.

Why it works: Your skin's ability to change shape and go back to its regular state (known as "turgor") is directly related to how hydrated you are. The more elastic your skin, the better shape you're in.

There you have it. No need to rely on the toilet anymore.

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It was helpful to me. Thanks Shape.
March 12, 2018
This does not work really well if you are 70+ as the elasticity in the skin is pretty much missing. Seems like you speak to the younger set, however, many of us 70+ do exercise too!
October 6, 2017
Pinching the skin of an arm to discover hydration level has been known to Health Professional for years...most often used in Emergency Rooms and Intensive Care Units of Hospitals as well as by Nurses working in Public Health Venues or in situations where hydration level is of critical importance to a human.