Here, how to go at a goal with the transformative mindset of pure self-love and good intentions.

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Pushing boundaries, exploring new areas, and moving forward keep us happy. And while there’s a place for end goals, research shows that the thrill of starting something novel and loving the process provides the most fulfillment and is the key to staying motivated long term.

Craving a leap into foreign territory—whether it’s a different fitness, health, or beauty routine? Here, take a cue from top experts, who shared some motivational goal quotes with tips on how they find joy in every step. (Also check out: The 40-Day Challenge for Crushing Any Goal)

Commit to one little thing daily.

Cleanse your mind.

Think small.

Begin backward.

Commit to just three days.

Be here, be now.

Start strong.

Do a personal appraisal.

Aim for easy targets.

Assign a purpose.

Work in.

Be your own boss.

Find a rhythm.

Take time off.

Be prepared to pivot.

Practice “joyspotting”.

Shape Magazine, Jan/Feb 2019 issue


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