Thanks to a new tool on the Google app, available today

By Kylie Gilbert
Updated: June 20, 2016

Turning to the Internet for answers to your health concerns can be a stressful and scarring experience. Click on one obscure link and what started as a minor worry can lead to a major freakout. To eliminate unnecessary navigating (and anxiety), Google's made it a whole lot easier to self-diagnose with a new symptoms-specific tool, launching today. (Psst... Here's how to Use Google Calendar's New Feature to Crush Your Fit Goals.)

This new update takes the health search tool (which launched last year) one step further-now, the Google app can deliver answers based solely on symptoms, even if you don't know what you're searching for. When you Google your symptoms, like 'knee pain after running' or 'rash on my stomach', instead of playing guess and check with those ten blue links, a module will pop up with a list of related conditions, an overview description, info on self-treatment options, and how to know if you should book a visit to your doc. (Here are more healthy Google hacks you never knew existed.)

Google explains that the results are checked against high-quality medical info they've collected from doctors, and they've consulted with experts at Harvard Medical School and Mayo Clinic to further improve the results for as much doc expertise as possible. So even if you shouldn't really be self-diagnosing with the internet, at least your searching may be more fruitful than freaky.

Obviously, Google is never the end-all-be-all for medical advice, but as Google explains, it's also a great place to start for those symptoms you're too embarrassed to run by your friends. (Don't worry, we've also got you covered!)



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