Raise your hand if that's you. Good, now smack it directly down on the snooze button.

By Lauren Mazzo

As part of our #MyPersonalBest campaign, we're dedicating February-aka where New Year's resolutions and all happiness go to die-to making mornings our b*tch. Yeah, there are ways to trick yourself into becoming a morning person, and there's actual science behind why that's a good idea. There are anti-morning person breakfast hacks that make rolling out of bed straight into deliciousness a whole lot easier, plus lessons from people who somehow survive (and conquer) before noon with little to no caffeine. (And they don't have superpowers-we checked.)

Whether you're fighting the good fight against the alarm every day or whether you've decided that snoozing will forever be your style, these GIFs are guaranteed to crack you up. Because, let's be honest, the internet is great at hating things. Usually, that's not a good thing-but when that thing is mornings, we bet you can get on board.

1. When you wake up before your alarm, think, "YAS more sleep for me," then close your eyes for all of 2 seconds and suddenly it's two days later and you're extremely late for work.

2. When you complain about waking up in the morning and someone says, "Oh, I don't need an alarm anymore. I just wake up feeling refreshed."

*Deep breaths*

3. When you tell someone to wake you up, knowing full well you're going to keep sleeping no matter what they do.

#Sorrynotsorry, you should've known better.

4. You know it's an especially bad morning when even food can't rouse you from your slumber.

When bae-con can't get you up, it's serious.

5. Or an adorable animal.

Cutest. alarm. ever. Still doesn't work, though.

6. "I woke up like this" is not a thing you will say proudly-ever.

Sorry, it's just not in the cards for me.

7. And as soon as the day isn't going perfectly, all you can think about is going back to bed.

Nothing bad can happen if you stay under the covers all day.

8. You have an unhealthy relationship with coffee. It's the only thing that turns you into a human on those days when you're up before 10 a.m.

There's a reason it's the ~elixir of life~.

9. When people are too chipper too early, it's actually dangerous for their well-being.

Nothing gets on your nerves faster. Nothing.

10. Although, when you *occasionally* need to be up early and it's going well, you feel like an entirely new person.

This is an extremely rare occurence-so don't get used to it.

11. But usually, once you're up, it still takes hours for you to really feel awake.

You feel human by 2 p.m.... if you're lucky.

12. Because you try to sleep in every chance you get, your bedtime is naturally 2 a.m.

Which makes it impossible to get on a socially appropriate time schedule.

13. Because no matter how hard you try, you just can't get out of bed when you're supposed to.



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