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At-Home Yeast Screeners: Are They Worth It?

"That means the
infection itself won't get taken
care of," says Jennifer Gunter,
M.D., director of pelvic pain
and vulvo vaginal disorders at
Kaiser Permanente, a nonprofit
health-care group in San
Francisco. Now two at-home
products promise to take the
guesswork out of a diagnosis:
Fem-V Vaginal Infection Test
($8; at drugstores) and Vagisil
Screening Kit for Vaginal
Infections ($15 for two tests;
at drugstores). "These tests
determine the pH of the vagina,
which is more acidic when
symptoms are yeast-related
and more basic during other
infections like bacterial
vaginosis or trichomoniasis,"
says Gunter. Said one staffer who
tried Fem-V: "The panty-liner
design made it so easy to use.
And best of all, it saved me
a trip to the doctor."


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