These Books, Blogs, and Podcasts Will Inspire You to Change Your Life

It's the stuff of fantasies: taking a sabbatical to travel around the world; starting your own business; moving to your dream city. These books, videos, and platforms will help inspire you to start making those fantasies a reality.

These Books, Blogs, and Podcasts Will Inspire You to Change Your Life

Turning your life on its head has a ton of powerful benefits. Making a big change-like moving halfway across the world, or trying to start up your own business-is beyond exhilarating, and ultimately makes you more resilient and confident, no matter what the outcome of the experience. Before you can take the leap, though, you need to get some inspiration, and maybe a little motivation too. Enter: These books, social media feeds, videos, and businesses, all of which will make you want to shake things up a little (or a lot). (BTW, Jen Widerstrom says change is the ultimate way to upgrade your life.)

Year of Yes

Okay, the premise may sound like a Jim Carrey movie. And Shonda Rhimes' bestselling book about the year she spent saying, "Yes" to everything that scared her is funny-but it's also incredibly moving and motivating. After all, every big life change starts with those three little letters.

Hey Ciara

Her Instagram bio says it all: "Quit my job to travel the [world emoji] solo!" Her feed is enough to rouse the travel bug in anyone, and her blog goes into a little more depth about her journey from corporate 9-to-5 to Boeing 747, and gives tips and tricks to women looking to follow in her footsteps.

The Moment with Brian Koppelman

In this podcast, Koppelman interviews people, asking them about the game-changing moments that led to their creative careers taking off. Listen for the fascinating stories and behind-the-scenes perspectives-and for inspiration on creating your own dream career.

Create & Cultivate

Deciding you're ready to embrace a career change is one thing, but figured out an execution plan can be a little murkier. Enter Create & Cultivate, an online platform and conference series targeted at female creatives, entrepreneurs, and bosses to help them mingle, and swap tips and tricks for creating the career of your dreams.

On Being Wrong

One of the most common forces holding you back from making a big change is fear of blowing it. In this TED Talk, which has been viewed over 4 million times, "wrongologist" Kathryn Schultz makes a convincing case for why you should actually embrace failure. Trust us, she makes it make sense. And with that fear off the table, there's nothing in your way.

A Thousand New Beginnings

It's a fantasy nearly everyone has had at one point: to up and quit their day job and spend some time traveling the world instead. Except, Kristin Addis really did it (alone), then wrote a book about how awesome it all was. Talk about #goals


The company is a community of, you guessed it, #girlbosses-ambitious women determined to make their own success. But we love their Instagram for its daily hits of serious motivation.

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