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"How I Stick to My New Year's Resolutions"

Stop Trying to be Perfect

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"Accept that it's not going to be perfect, but rather an overall picture. Success comes in overall consistency, not perfection. If you lace up more times than not, if you add up those days over a lifetime, you will be fit rather than just working out sporadically! Life happens, get back on the train! It's a lifestyle!" –Sarah Thomas

Make Monthly Resolutions

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"I like to break my New Year's resolutions down into monthly resolutions, each month working toward the bigger goal. If my goal is to save money, one month I may resolve to track my expenses, the next to bring my lunch to work or cut back on Starbucks." –Kimberly Rae Miller

Be Realistic

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"By making resolutions I am going to keep! Get to my goal weight before June is my biggest one!" -Kristy Bird

Spread the Word

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"I tell someone what they are AND write them down. That way they're more likely to stick!" -Karen Syren Whittaker

Track Your Results and Remember the Rewards

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"I post notes reminding myself of the positive outcomes of keeping my resolutions. I also e-calendar positive steps I've taken (work-outs, long walks, etc.) and review it regularly. And I e-calendar what I'm going to order at lunch and dinner meetings (the reminder helps me plan the rest of my day and sets me up for success at the restaurant)." -Anne Viricel

Ditch "Dinner and Drinks"

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"By surrounding myself with friends and family who have similar healthy goals and planning fun outdoor activities instead of the usual drinks and dinner." -Joanne Hernandez

Visualize Your Success

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"I stick to my goals for the New Year by jotting them down on a visual board and add pictures too. Visualization is a motivator and helps keep me on track!" -Amber Peterson

Take it One Day at a Time

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"Make it realistic and if you get behind, there is always the next day. It's a new day and a new beginning, don't be too hard on yourself -luv yourself." -Joan DeSous

Strategically Place Reminders

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"I post a pic of me at my best after the first 2 kids (which is better than before I had them) on the refrigerator. I keep a pair of jeans in the biggest size I ever wore (and not my happy healthy place) in my closet where I can see them every morning to remind me to stay on track." -Yanellie LoParco

Never Doubt Yourself

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"I remind myself that I can fulfill my resolutions, and that nothing is impossible." -Amanda Breidenbach


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