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How to Instantly Boost Your Energy Level (Without Coffee or Chocolate)

Look at Something Red

Keep something bright red—like artwork or a bouquet of flowers—by your desk and look at it when you’re feeling drowsy. Studies show that looking at the color red can help you stay focused on detail-oriented tasks.


Chew Gum

When you start to feel your energy drop, pop a stick of sugar-free mint gum in your mouth—it’s a proven way to combat daytime sleepiness.


Take a Power Nap

If you can sneak away for 15 minutes, lying down for a quick nap will help you recharge. Just make sure you’re not snoozing for longer than 30 minutes, or you might wake up feeling groggy.


Get Moving

Stretching (even if you’re just standing next to your desk) can give you a quick burst of energy. A few yoga moves might even combat depression and anxiety.


Sit Up Straight

If your energy drops throughout the day, it might be your posture. In a study conducted by San Francisco State University, students who slouched noticed a larger decrease in energy throughout the day than students who stood up straight.


Go Outside

Been staring at the computer screen for the last eight hours? No wonder you’re exhausted. Escape the fluorescent lights for a few minutes—changing your environment will help you feel more alert.


Watch a Funny YouTube Video

Fact: No one’s ever fallen asleep watching Amy Schumer do stand-up. That’s because studies suggest that laughing can help you stay awake. We order you to take a YouTube break immediately.


Turn Down the Heat

When you’re feeling exhausted, turn the thermostat down a few degrees. You won’t be as cozy, but it might keep you from falling asleep at your desk.


Turn Up the Lights

Eyelids drooping? Turn on every light in your office and open the windows. Exposure to bright light will combat those sleepy feelings.


Eat Almonds

Nuts contain magnesium, which will help your body break down glucose into energy. Stick with raw, unsalted almonds for a healthy midday snack.


Dance Like Beyoncé

Sure, you could do jumping jacks, push-ups or any kind of aerobic activity for a quick burst of energy, but we highly recommend blasting “Crazy in Love,” jumping on your desk and busting a move. You’ll wake up your co-workers, too.


This article originally appeared on PureWow.

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