How to Make Your Bubble Bath the *Most* Relaxing

You'll sleep like a baby right after.

How to Make Your Bubble Bath the *Most* Relaxing

The right type of bath has serious benefits for your body and mind, like rejuvenating your muscles and taming any chaotic thoughts, experts say. Here's how to create a luxurious, healing oasis.

Step 1: Time it right.

Take your detox bath before bed. "Your body does intense regeneration while you're sleeping," says Michelle Rogers, a naturopathic practitioner in Portland, OR. "A detox bath fuels the process by loosening up your muscles, boosting circulation, and raising your body temperature, which helps the immune system fight bugs." Plus, warm water may help you drift off later.

Step 2: Pick the right temp.

Close your bathroom door before drawing your detox bath, and make the water hot (100 to 102 degrees, or Jacuzzi-level heat). "Research has shown that sweating can help regulate the skin's microbiome," Rogers says. "This prevents harmful bacteria from entering the pores." (

Step 3: Add an international bath blend.

Epsom salts in the water will ease muscle aches. Also add an essential oil, which helps kick off the detox process in your lymphatic system-try cypress, lemongrass, grapefruit, or helichrysum. But be sure to first dilute your essential oil to prevent skin irritation: Rogers suggests mixing five drops of essential oil with an ounce of coconut oil before adding it to the water.

Step 4: Chill

Soak for about 20 minutes, then step out of the tub and drink 16 to 24 ounces of liquid with electrolytes, like coconut water with a pinch of salt, to rehydrate, Rogers says. Rinse off in the shower, then apply a moisturizer to replenish your skin. Bonus: To restore post-workout, try Cuccio Somatology Yogahhh Detox Bath ($40, It contains mastiha, a rare healing resin from a tree in Greece. (Here are other extra steps you can take to make your post-workout bath extra beneficial.)

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