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June 02, 2016

Vacations are the best the part of summer. Traveling to a tropical locale and indulging in beaches and drinks with umbrellas can amp up the weariest worker bee, but vacation also brings about work anxiety.

There's a fear of falling behind on work while vacationing, which may be why many professionals are glued to their smartphones and sending while emails while lounging by the pool.

While this glued-to-the-phone behavior may be annoying for your vacation pals and beaus, science says there's a legitimate reason for this work-fueled obsession. According to Jennifer Deal, a senior research scientist at the Center for Creative Leadership, it's called the Zeigarnik Effect.

In an editorial for the Wall Street Journal, Deal describes the Zeigarnik Effect as "the difficulty people have to completely forget about something when it is left incomplete." It's like when it's impossible to get a song out of your head. That's the same thing that happens with work. Since it's almost never finished, it seems impossible to stop thinking about it. No worries, though: There's a solution. [For the full story, head over to Refinery29!]

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