Your iPhone may lead to poor posture, a bad back and neck, and even pain. Fight back with these tips!

By Marnie Soman Schwartz
November 20, 2014

Reading this on your iPhone? Your posture is probably not so hot. In fact, the way you're reading right this very minute could be putting serious stress on your spine and neck, according to new research in the journal Surgical Technology International. The study measured the amount of strain your spine experiences in different degree angles. Check out the graphic below to see just what it looks like!

At zero degrees-when you're standing up straight-your neck holds the actual weight of your head (about 10 to 12 pounds). But with every degree you tilt forward (like when you're scrolling through Instagram or totally lost in Candy Crush), that weight increases. At 15 degrees-a slight lean-your spine is experiencing 27 pounds of force, and by 60 degrees it's feeling a full 60 pounds. Day after day, this extra weight can lead to early wear and tear and degeneration, which could even eventually require surgery, write the authors. (For more reasons to stand up straight, see Your Guide To Good Posture.)

So what's a technology-addicted lady to do? Make an effort to look at your phone with a neutral spine-i.e. raise your phone up, and glance down with your eyes, rather than crouching your neck, suggest the study authors. (Otherwise, you could wind up look like the below!)