A job at a health and fitness magazine changed these staffers' workout routines, eating habits, and lives—for the better

By Shape Editors

When it's your job to be immersed in the wellness world, you don't leave work behind when you walk out the office door at the end of the day. Instead, you bring what you've learned with you to the gym, into the kitchen, and to the doctor's office. Here's how reading the latest health studies, trying out the newest workout trends and gear, and interviewing the field's top experts to get their insight and advice has made our staff healthier. (Want more tips on how to overhaul your life for the better? Try these "Time Wasters" That Are Actually Productive.)

"I busted my workout rut."

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"I'm a creature of habit, so it's easy for me to get stuck in a workout rut. But covering the latest fitness trends has forced me to rethink my routine and try new things-and my body's better for it. (And busting a workout rut is one reason having a fitness buddy is the best thing ever!)"

-Kiera Aaron, Senior Web Editor

"I focused on quality, nutritious foods."

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"I stopped caring as much about how many calories I was consuming and started focusing on what I was eating. After I ditched the low-calorie, low-fat processed foods, and started eating more whole, nutritious foods, I felt so much better-and was far more satisfied by my meals."

-Melissa Ivy Katz, Senior Web Producer

"I cut back on wearing heels."

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"After reading about how wearing heels affects your health, I'm making sure to keep healthier, flatter shoes in the rotation (even if I haven't given up high heels completely). It definitely helps that when you work at a fitness magazine, sneakers are appropriate office footwear!"

-Mirel Ketchiff, Health Editor

"I became a runner."

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"For years I've proclaimed 'I'm just not a runner.' That I hated it, in fact. But it turns out what I really hated was running on a treadmill. In mid-April, inspired by my colleagues running the MORE/Fitness/Shape half marathon and a beginner running playlist we posted, I decided to just go outside for a run. It was a total revelation for me! I starting going for a run every Saturday morning. It's now been two months and I can run five miles without stopping, something I had literally never before done in my life."

-Amanda Wolfe, Senior Digital Director

"I ditched trendy fad diets."

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"I'm less interested in trendy diets now. Instead, I strive to create a balanced way of eating that will last me a lifetime. I'm always trying new recipes from Shape.com and looking for new ways to eat more vegetables. Instead of looking at food as simply a way to satisfy my hunger, I also think of it in terms of what nutrients it provides."

-Shannon Bauer, Digital Media intern

"I stand up at least once an hour."

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"After learning about how bad sitting all day is for your health, I set an hourly alarm on my phone. It's a reminder to stand up and move more often throughout the workday."

-Carly Graf, Editorial Assistant

"I started to see food as fuel."

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"The more I learn about sports nutrition, the more I consider food an integral part of any workout. When I eat well, I perform better, I feel healthier and happier, and I recover more quickly, so I plan my meals and snacks as carefully as I plan my training sessions."

-Marnie Soman Schwartz, Nutrition Editor

"I challenged myself to do tougher workouts."

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"When I found out how effective high-intensity exercise is, it motivated me to try more challenging workouts. I used to think that HIIT classes would be 'too intense for me,' and now they're my favorite! (Try The HIIT Workout That Tones in 30 Seconds.)"

-Bianca Mendez, Web Producer



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