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If This New Alarm App Doesn't Make Waking Up Easier, Nothing Will


Who doesn't love a nice, loud alarm first thing in the morning? Oh right, no one. But Microsoft is aiming to make the process of waking up, if not more pleasant, a little more entertaining—at least for your friends. (Find out 4 Things Your Cell Phone's Alarm Says About Your Health.)

Their new android app is called the Mimicker Alarm (free; Google Play Store) and it's kind of a genius idea for anyone who has a hard time dragging themselves out of bed. It starts like a normal alarm, blaring your choice of tone, but to turn it off you have to do something silly.

All you need to play the "game" (which seems like a stretch for anything done at the crack of dawn) is your camera phone, your surroundings, and your best #iwokeuplikethis face. Choices for turning off the alarm range from snapping a selfie while making a certain face to locating an object of a certain color to saying a tongue twister. And the app will make you keep doing it until you get it right—and by then, you'll be fully awake. It's perfect for morning exercisers!

"The Mimics require you to be alert, smart, and use you and your surroundings so be ready to move," Microsoft promises. "Watch out – if you don't finish the game in time, we'll assume you've fallen back asleep and your alarm will start ringing again."

But the best part may be the "share" option which allows you to send your bedhead selfie with all your closest friends. Not only will they get a good laugh but maybe it will get your workout buddy out of bed on time too so you can both hit the gym early. (P.S. This is the Smartest Way to Use Your Snooze Button.)


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