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Incredible Action Shots Captured on a GoPro


Move over, iPhone camera—GoPro recently announced their first-quarter earnings of $363.1 million, the second highest revenue quarter in the company's history. What does that mean? It means practically everyone, from adventure-sports junkies and outdoors fanatics to photographers and even your dad, is documenting their exploits on this inventive and versatile camera. And athletes (especially those who fancy the extreme) are using GoPros to capture some of their craziest endeavors and coolest surroundings. Take a deep breath and check out ten wild videos we know will make your heart skip a bit.

Skier v. Avalanche: Who Wins? 
Ever wondered what it’d be like to tackle a Black Diamond like a world-class skier? Make sure you’re sitting down, then press play. This totally immersive video takes you along for the ride down the slopes as professional freeskier Eric Hjorleifson outruns an avalanche. Yes, an avalanche. Told ya you should sit down. (Think this is crazy? Wait until you see these Wild Fitness Photos from the Scariest Places on Earth.)

Take a Ride on a Great White Shark
We were impressed just by Ocean Ramsey’s willingness to go cage diving with sharks, but when we saw her unlatch the cage door—ah! In this video, the deep-sea diver turns an underwater exploration into something almost balletic, although our hearts almost stopped when we saw her hitch a ride with a giant great white shark.

The Lion King: Real Life Edition
We’re sure your cat is cute, but nothing is cuter than the lion in this video doling out hugs and snuggles at 2:06. Kevin Richardson, also known as the Lion Whisperer, has dedicated his life to studying African animals and ensuring a safe future for them. This incredible video puts you right there with him as he cuddles lions, scratches hyena chins, and even gets a maternal lick from a lioness.

Mountain-Biking Goes Next Level 
You know what’s terrifying? Everything about this video, from the tiny path New Zealand mountain biker Kelly McGarry has to navigate on two wheels to the epic back flip he performs over a 72 foot canyon gap—and his ragged breathing throughout doesn’t make watching any easier on the nerves!

Conquer the Waves
After watching this video, you’ll never look at the ocean the same way—these waves are huge! Yes, we know that Kelly Slater is a legendary surfer, but watching him as he rides those massive pipelines, rapidly closing in on him, makes it seem like no problem whatsoever. When the camera is practically submerged underwater due to rough conditions, you'll really feel like you’re on the board with Slater. (There's no board required in this Surfer Workout for a Beach Body!)

Free-Falling (in Sync)
Synchronized skydiving—are you for real? This video is beautiful and terrifying all at once. Watch as these two Russian aerial artists not only jump out of a plane and plummet towards earth, but also manage to pull off a mesmerizing routine that looks more suited for a dance floor or gymnastic mat in mid-air! Cue dropped jaws.

Unicycling Gets Extreme
Remember when you thought unicycling was just a cool circus trick? Think again. In this clip, 18 unicyclists venture out to Moab, Utah, where they plunge down life-threatening cliffs, traverse steep, insanely narrow paths (sometimes even forging their own), and jump over any rock formations that stand in their way. You'll be white-knuckled from start to finish, but you just can’t look away. (Check out these Rad Bikes and Cycle Gear to Enhance Your Ride.)

If I Had A Superpower…
Forget what you’ve always been told—humans can fly. Or, at least, they can in a wingsuit. Watch as UK BASE jumper Nathan Jones soars between mountain peaks and hurls through narrow passageways, going so low it appears that he almost even skims the ground beneath him. The sound of the wind gushing past his ears certainly makes for some added drama. What makes this better even more exciting, though, is that Jones is jumping for a cause—his charity, Project: Base—Human Rights for Human Flight—works to bring awareness to communities worldwide through their crazy jumps, and gives all donations right back to the places they visit.

A New Kind of Summit
Sure, at the start of this video, you might think this is some pretty average rock climbing footage—impressive, but not really worth the commitment. But at 26 seconds in, you get a load of how insane this particular rock is: 30 stories high and very narrow, this thing has little to no handholds or footholds to speak of. And that ominous music? Talk about building suspense! Luckily, these two daredevils reach the peak and live to tell the tale (although their panting in the background assures us that they’re at least exerting some effort). Don’t cut out early—the views at the end are crazy! (Make your own climb at one of the 10 Picturesque National Parks Worth Hiking.)

Shock and Awe Jump Stunts
Warning: do NOT try this at home. Professional stuntman, Ethan Swanson, blew our mind with this wild roof jump. His approach alone makes us nervous, and that’s before the real stunt has even begun! Swanson catapults off of one roof onto another, sliding down it before making an unlikely landing. Tune in for details and to hear Swanson’s reaction—clearly, it was a little more than he bargained for as well.


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