"This is your reminder that different weights look different on everybody."

By Faith Brar

The scale is a tool built to measure weight-that's it. But so many women use it as a barometer of success and happiness, which, as we've reported before, can be seriously detrimental to your mental and physical health. That's why fitness influencer Claire Guentz is here to remind you, for the umpteenth time, that the numbers on the scale do not matter.

Guentz recently took to Instagram to share two side-by-side photos of herself-one from 2016 where she weighed 117 pounds and one from this year, where she's 135 pounds. While she's 18 pounds heavier, Guentz explains that she's actually happier and healthier now. Still, she admits that there were times when she loved weighing less simply because she was so fixated on the numbers.

"I think at some point or another we've all heard that little voice telling us that the lower number on the scale is better," she wrote. "I know I have. I have never been one to really fixate on my weight, but two summers ago when I fractured my jaw, my weight dropped dramatically without any fault of mine…but I found a small part of me liking that number on the scale." (Here's another fitness blogger who proves weight is just a number.)

Guentz knew that she needed to get back to a healthier weight, but something kept holding her back. "I didn't see the immediate rush," she wrote. "I mean, I weighed less but I looked good right?!"

It wasn't until her husband called her out for not taking proper care of herself that she was finally motivated to ditch the scale and focus on being healthy. "Looking back, I wasn't at a healthy weight and I didn't look good," she wrote. "But I didn't see that at first. To put things into perspective, I'm 5'9", so 117 pounds is not healthy. And I get that some people are naturally thinner-I mean I grew up always feeling so gangly and awkward for how skinny I was-but there's a difference when you're so fixated on the scale and weighing less."

Fast forward to today and Guentz feels more confident in her skin than ever. "I can honestly say that I feel much happier and confident being 18 lbs heavier," she wrote. (BTW, here's why more women are trying to gain weight through diet and exercise.)

Wake-up call: The scale doesn't define you. Mentally, the scale isn't what should give you validation. Building a healthy, sustainable lifestyle is a much better goal to have. (Check out this new health measure that will change how you see the scale.)

As Guentz says herself: "This is your reminder that weight looks different on everybody and not to let the scale dictate your progress. I hate to think [what would happen] if I would have let the scale control the rest of my fitness journey, and I don't want that for you either!"

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December 5, 2018
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