Consider it the pump-up you need to rock that sports bra

By By Moira Lawler

#BellyJelly. We've all got it-no matter how well those high-waisted leggings suck it all in. And to be perfectly frank, the sucking in really sucks. Which is why we're all about Movemeant Foundation's "Revolution" campaign, which launched yesterday with the premiere of this incredible video below. (We're all about the body-pos videos that give you all the feels. Another case in point: this inspiring video of Iskra Lawrence stripped down for one powerful reason.)

If you need a dose of kickass inspiration as you head into the weekend, this video is it. In less than two minutes, we'll bet you'll do a 180 on how you perceive your own belly. Rather than viewing it as something you need to hide or feel ashamed of, the video shows runners, swimmers, yogis, dancers, tennis players, and other badass women looking powerful, strong, and confident in their skin-yep, jiggle and all. "The purpose of the video is to almost surprise people and show people that bodies of all shapes and sizes are capable and strong," says Charina Lumley, chief operating officer of Movemeant Foundation. "And if we were to embrace our bodies and take ownership of them, we could really reveal the strength that lies underneath it all." (On that note, here are 6 things we learned from Ashley Graham's powerful body positive essay.)

Jenny Gaither, the founder of Movemeant Foundation, hopes it will inspire women and girls around the country to adopt a positive body image. Movemeant Foundation usually focuses on tackling body-image issues at middle schools and high schools across the country. But this campaign-and their entire mission, really-is something women of all ages can get behind.

In addition to embracing your own bod, you can also lend your support by donating to the campaign, which will help young girls "feel bulletproof" in their bodies. And while we're feeling inspired to rock a sports bra all weekend, Lumley says it's about more than that. "It's not about just wearing a sports bra-it's about what that represents," she says. "And that represents facing our fears." Amen, sister.


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