Tiff the Barbie is not a regular mom, she's a cool mom. (And FYI, it's a seriously hilarious follow.)

By Faith Brar

Raise your hand if you've been obsessively tracking Khloé Kardashian's pregnancy on the 'gram. Well, we've got another Insta famous mom-to-be who should be on your radar: Tiff the Barbie.

Yep, thanks to one very creative Instagram user, the infamous Mattel toy has been re-imagined as a "happily married" (to Ken, duh) mom with two kids and a third on the way who's living her best blogger life.

Similar to real-life mommy bloggers and Instagram influencers, Tiff's Instagram feed (created by an anonymous user with a great sense of humor) features professional family photoshoots in coordinating outfits, with perfectly curated photos that document her morning beauty routine, her growing baby bump, and luxe spa days-complete with plenty of on-point product placement.

In a more recent post, Tiff shared a photo of herself at 15 weeks along, working out at the gym (BTW, exercising while pregnant is totally safe). "I've been gaining a lot of energy lately, and weight," she wrote alongside a photo of her stretching post-workout and taking a gym selfie. "So I have been on mommy workouts, just 30 minutes every day." (What? Did you really think Barbie wouldn't have time to hit the gym?)

Tiff the Barbie's Instagram account has racked up nearly 80,000 followers so far. People just can't seem to get enough of the #momlife hashtags and Pinterest-worthy pregnancy announcements!

We must say, we never thought we could be jealous of a doll's life (and Instagram skills), but just like hipster Barbie before her, we're here for it.


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