In less than a minute, Karina Irby is able to airbrush her skin, shrink her waist, and make her butt and boobs look more voluptuous.

By Faith Brar

Let's be real: Sometimes it's hard to love your shape exactly as is. After all, you're bombarded with "perfect" images on Instagram all day. That's why swimsuit model and body-positive advocate Karina Irby is shedding light on how easy it is for influencers to manipulate how their bodies look on Instagram.

In a quick video, Irby walks her 850,000-plus followers through the "Instagram Girl Edit" process where, in less than a minute, she airbrushes her butt, waist, and face-smoothing out her skin and getting rid of any "flaws." She also makes her boobs and butt look more voluptuous, shrinks her waist, and adds more volume to her hair. (Related: This Photo Editing Pledge Is a Much-Needed Code of Editing Ethics)

The finished product of Irby's editing looks noticeably different than the image in the "before" picture-and while that retouched "after" photo might serve as motivation for someone online, Irby makes a great point about how much as changed regarding the images that make you feel your best.

"When did we lose our little girl confidence? When we were young we didn't care how we looked, and we surely didn't compare ourselves to the girl next to us. Whether it be social media, magazines, movies or Hollywood... something changes and we start endlessly comparing ourselves to others and strive to potentially be something we aren't," she writes.

"I've been there. And I'm confident a lot of us reading this have, or are still painting a different picture of themselves," she continues. (Related: Iskra Lawrence Shares Edited Photos That Look Nothing Like Her)

Let Irby's post serves as a reminder that you shouldn't compare yourself to (the often airbrushed) photos you see in your feeds, and instead be happy and comfortable as you are. "The sooner we decide to accept ourselves for who we are and care less about other people's criticism, the happier we are going to be," she says. "I know from firsthand experience I am!"

This isn't the first time Irby has encouraged women to practice more self-love. Earlier this year, she posted an unedited photo of her butt, showing off her eczema and cellulite, to show that she has "flaws" too-and is working on embracing them.

"This photo is hard for me to post," she wrote at the time. "I wanted to share this image showing off my angry skin and cellulite to help raise awareness that THIS IS NORMAL. I want to help love and support other angry skin suffers that are covering up, feeling self-conscious and even being bullied that they're not alone."


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