Instagram Yogi Speaks Out Against Skinny Shaming

Negative comments on social media are hurtful to people of all shapes and sizes

Instagram star Sjana Earp is among the ranks of Instagram's hottest yogis, posting photos of beaches, breakfast bowls and some enviable balance skills. And she has a message for her haters: stop skinny shaming! (

Instagram success (she has over a million followers) certainly doesn't make her immune to nasty comments about her body, which users have dubbed too skinny and straight up "gross." Not okay, Internet.

But as CosmoBody reports, Earp fired back at those weighing in on her "imperfect body" with a message about what really makes a body beautiful. Here's the full post:

I am so much more than a body - I know that. I am not defined by numbers OR by other peoples opinions of me. And the body I have, as imperfect or "skinny" or "gross" as people may think it is, is MY imperfect body. And i am happy with it despite their irrelevant opinions.. My imperfect body helps me to move, travel, explore, play, and even hug people.. To me, that makes it beautiful. My body is natural and unmanipulated - that to me means that nothing about it can be "wrong".. We don't look at a landscape and criticise the shape of a valley or the size of a mountain do we? So why are we so quick to judge other natural things like the human figure? It is probably sad, but I have become so used to peoples comments on my external appearance that they no longer bother me. I simply block any user and delete their comments if they are critical of me OR anyone else OR if they swear because I want this space (my profile) to be a place of love, empowerment and posivity.. Not judgment and criticism. I am not going to apologise for posting an image of myself.. I'm not going to shame my own body because other people don't believe it is attractive or "normal". I have never and will never suggest that other people should aspire to have my body. In fact, it's the opposite. Me posting an inage which has my body in it is about celebrating the human form DESPITE the way it does or doesn't meet social expectations and standards. It's about saying, "hey world. This is me. And despite what you think of me, I am comfortable in my own skin. Not because I think I look good or am "perfect", but because I understand that my value is not defined by other peoples opinions of me. And my value is not found in my appearance, but rather the ability to see through someones exterior and understand their true worth is found in their character, their personality, their optimism, their resilience, their strength, their determination, their values, the way they see the world." To me, that is beautiful. Not being a certain weight, size or body shape. Just because i have a very slender frame does this mean I should shame my own body and others that are (read more in first caption) x

Earp makes a great point: None of us are immune to hurtful comments about the way we look. People of all shapes and sizes are affected by opinions about what a perfect body should look like. Having a healthy body image should be more about what your body can do rather than how it looks in a bikini. Feelin' the love? Check out the Celeb Body Image Quotes We Heart.

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