These side-by-side photos prove that those numbers on the scale don't really mean much.

By Faith Brar

If by any chance you needed more proof that weight is just a number, one recent post by Arielle (@theblondefiles) will have you convinced. The fitness influencer, who is an avid follower of Kayla Itsines' BBG program, recently shared three side-by-side photos of herself weighing 125 pounds. The catch, however, is that her body looks dramatically different in each image. Take a look:

"For anyone fretting over 'holiday weight,' this is your reminder to screw the f*ing scale," Arielle wrote alongside the images. "That number means nothing. What's important is how you feel [when] you're being kind to your body (and mind), [and when] you're nourishing yourself with proper nutrients and letting your body sweat. Can you check any of those boxes? Great! The rest will follow."

Arielle isn't the first to note that health is actually measured by strength, endurance, body composition, diet-the list goes on-and not by a number. In fact, the hashtag #screwthescale went viral last year after it was used more than 25,000 times and showed photos of women who appeared more fit and toned after gaining weight. Fitness blogger Kelsey Wells also made headlines a while ago after sharing side-by-side photos of herself at different weights-admitting to looking and feeling her best when she was heavier. (Related: 10 Women Who Have Gained Weight and Are Healthier Than Ever)

The takeaway from all of these stories is that sometimes, a fitter body actually means gaining a few pounds or staying the same weight. So, don't psych yourself out if the number on the scale moves up or doesn't budge if your goal is to build strength and tone up. And don't forget, having strong muscles doesn't necessarily mean you have to bulk up.


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