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Introducing the First Bluetooth Pregancy Test

First Response

In a world where there's a health or fitness app that can help us with pretty much any goal we might have, it seems about time we had one for pregnancy tests too, right? Well, the wait is over: First Response just unveiled the first Bluetooth-enabled pregnancy test.

Sounds pretty fancy, but the concept is simple enough: Remove the test from the wrapper and tap a button to sync it up to the mobile app (available for Android and iOs). After you do your business (yes, you still have to do that!), the app begins a three-minute wait period (a key feature; apparently, many women are unsure if they've waited enough time for an accurate read). (Psst... 6 Things Your Pee Is Trying to Tell You.)

While the clock ticks, the app lets you choose from three options, depending on your situation: Educate Me (content that informs you on fertility and pregnancy), Entertain Me (videos and content to help distract and entertain you), or Calm Me (relaxing visual content to ease your nerves and/or anxiety). Pretty smart when you think about it, since what woman isn't already anxiously scanning their iPhone while they wait those never-ending three minutes?!

First Response Bluetooth Pregnancy Test

After your three minutes are up, the test stick will let know know whether you're pregnant or not (duh!)โ€”the results will show up on the app after a security code is entered. If the response is negative, the app will offer resources like cycle tracking to narrow in on your most fertile days if you're trying to conceive (or you know, days to avoid if having a baby isn't on your agenda). If the test is positive, the app will give you an estimate of your due date, track pregnancy milestones, send reminders for prenatal appointmensts, and more.

Who knows, maybe they'll find a way to do away with that whole peeing on a stick business next!


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