Lawrence talked about the issue of infertility in a recent post—yet a troll chose to leave a body-shaming comment focused solely on her appearance.

By Faith Brar
November 25, 2019

Iskra Lawrence has built a massive social media following for speaking out against unrealistic standards of beauty. On top of starring in countless Aerie campaigns with zero retouching, the body-positive activist is always posting inspirational and motivational messages, whether she's opening up about her experience with body dysmorphia and disordered eating or sharing how the term "plus-size" can be problematic.

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Recently, the 29-year-old model has been updating fans about her pregnancy with boyfriend Philip Payne, which she announced just a few weeks ago. Over the weekend, she shared a throwback photo of herself wearing a bralette and underwear, proudly displaying her changing body seven weeks into her pregnancy, when her baby was "only the size of a lil blueberry," she wrote in the caption.

But Lawrence also used the post to raise awareness about the issue of infertility: "I'm well aware my constant posting about pregnancy may be triggering and I'm sending you so so much love," she wrote. "I want to take this time to celebrate all women and their journeys and highlight the normalities of infertility and bring awareness to issues that affect 1 in 4 women - if you yourself haven't faced them, we are highly privileged. (Related: Anna Victoria Gets Emotional About Her Struggle with Infertility)

"Because I'm sure you know someone close to you that has [experienced infertility], or you may not know because the shame and stigma surrounding infertility and miscarriage is very silencing," she added. "You are not alone and you and your body are worthy of love and celebration too."

Several fans were quick to react to Lawrence's post; many people thanked her for speaking openly about infertility, an issue that affects about 10 percent of women in the U.S., according to the Office on Women's Health. "I love this so much. I'm infertile myself at just 20 years old because of endometriosis and polycystic ovarian syndrome. It's so nice to see someone who takes notice of people like us!" commented one person. "Thank you for taking the time to recognize how much these posts can affect us. It's a beautiful thing the fact that you just took the time to think," wrote another person.

Unfortunately, though, one of Lawrence's followers disregarded the positivity behind Lawrence's message. Instead, they decided to comment on her appearance in the photo: "I would have fixed the vag before posting," the troll wrote, leading Lawrence to clap back almost immediately.

"It doesn't need 'fixing,'" Lawrence responded. "All my body parts are perfectly wonderful thanks and I refuse to retouch them." (Related: Iskra Lawrence Joins the #BoycottTheBefore Movement)

Several of Lawrence's fans supported her response to the troll: "There's absolutely nothing to fix anywhere. Iskra is just beautiful," commented one fan. "What a disgusting thing to say on such a beautiful post," another person shared. "Nobody needs that negativity."

Credit: Instagram/@iskra

ICYDK, Lawrence takes pride in the fact that she doesn't retouch any of her photos on Instagram. In fact, she's shared old retouched photos of herself to prove how damaging altering your "imperfections" can be for impressionable young women who might see those images on their own social media feeds. She's even called out photographers who've shared edited photos of her online without her knowledge, making sure to tell her followers: "I don't even look like this."

Of course, plenty of folks will continue to retouch their photos on social media regardless. But Lawrence's goal is to simply remind people that social media doesn't always show an accurate depiction of reality. As the model says: "Never compare yourself to [these] images because you're perfectly imperfect just the way you are."


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