Jennifer Garner's Latest Instagram Post Is the Stress Reliever You Need Right Now

The 49-year-old actress brought a major sense of calm to the social media platform this week by sharing Yuki Kawae's mesmerizing zen garden creations.

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Jennifer Garner's Instagram page is a treasure trove of pure goodness. Whether the 49-year-old actress is sharing another edition of her #PretendCookingShowor celebrity-packed throwbacks, Garner knows how to keep her 11 million followers entertained. This week, Garner — who frequently re-posts videos and images from her favorite accounts — gave fans a peaceful treat, courtesy of Yuki Kawae, a maker of art, plants, and all things zen.

Kawae's post in question, which was shared Sunday on Garner's Instagram page, is a soothing video that features a hand slowly dragging a rake artfully (and audibly) through sand as a gong reverberates in the background. In short, this could be considered an ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response) masterpiece. For creator Kawae, it's a "line study & light experiment," according to the video's original caption. (

In response to Sunday's post, Garner's famous friends quickly thanked the Peppermint actress for posting the tranquil video, which seemingly allotted them a few calm moments in time. "Thank you for posting this. It's so zen-making," wrote Mindy Kaling in the comments. Gisele Bündchen also added, "love this," while Kawae also thanked Garner for sharing the video on her platform. "Thank you so much for sharing @jennifer.garner ☺️🙏🏼 Truly grateful to be on your page," expressed Kawae.

On Kawae's Instagram account, which boasts over 420,000 followers, you'll find clip after clip of the artist's undeniably tranquilizing craft. And, on Kawae's website, you can even learn how to create your very own indoor zen garden, which is often comprised of rocks and sand. Of course, given the complexity of woodworking, you may feel more inclined to add Toysmith's Deluxe Zen Garden (Buy It, $22, or this Japanese Tabletop Meditation Zen Garden (Buy It, $32, to your cart.

Not sure why you'd want to snag one of these products in the first place? Zen gardens are said to provide serenity from the stresses of the daily grind, according to CNN. And while there's not much concrete research out there, it's easy to see why so many — including Kawae! — use zen gardens to help calm their minds. Gently moving a rake through sand (or even watching someone do just that) can act as a moment of mindfulness or even meditation, allowing you to concentrate on just one thing. And when you practice focusing on the present — be it through daily meditation or by taking breaks from work to play with a zen garden — you can actually lower your cortisol or stress levels, according to research. (

Just take it from Kawae, who recently explained his zen garden work on Instagram: "I stress and worry often. This practice helps me focus on nothing but the movement and lets me be still and clear minded. I value these moments and reading that these videos are also helpful to others makes me truly grateful, because I know how stress can affect us all in different ways."

Given #zengarden has been trending on TikTok as of late — with just a casual 30.8 million views and counting — it appears that the masses are craving a bit of quietude. And as Garner showed everyone this week, a little morning raking can make for, at the very least, a moment of peace before facing any potential pressures the day might bring. (Looking to add even more zen to your everyday life? Here is how you can practice mindfulness meditation anywhere.)

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