Jessica Alba Talks Better Sleep, Getting Out of a Funk, and Postpartum Hair Loss

The Honest Company founder shares some of her best wellness advice.

Jessica Alba
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Jessica Alba has solidified her name is the wellness space. In addition to her impressive acting career, she's the founder of The Honest Company, a brand that sells all kinds of personal care products, from diapers to skin-care essentials. Now, she's expanding The Honest Company's range of supplements with new products sold exclusively on the brand's site and in store and online at health and wellness retailer GNC.

With the new partnership, The Honest Company launched four supplements focused on sleep, mood, immunity, and postnatal hair care. Each of these areas holds importance in Alba's own life, she explains to Shape.

"Sleep is the foundation; a good night's sleep is your chance for your body to repair itself and start your day on the right foot," she says. In addition to taking one of her brand's sleep supplements, "The key [to a good night's sleep] is being disciplined about not being on my devices at least 30 minutes before bed," shares the mom of three. For her, that means putting away electronics and taking a bubble bath, brewing a cup of tea, or reading a book before bed. "Doing things that bring you calm and relaxation as part of your night time ritual is super important," she adds.

"It's also important to support your mood because we live in such a high stress world and in my opinion, health and happiness go hand in hand," says Alba. So what does she do to boost her mood? "Meditation helps tremendously," she says, later calling it the "ultimate form of self care" and noting that she tries to do it in the morning when she wakes up. "Going on a short walk, listening to upbeat music, looking at photos that bring you joy, or calling a loved one or someone that makes you laugh are also helpful for getting out of a funk."

One of the recently launched supplements Alba is most excited about is the postnatal hair wellness product. "I struggled with hair loss after I had my kids," she explains. "It's something that no one told me and people don't really speak about," she continues. "Postpartum can be a vulnerable time, especially for those struggling with hair health, so it was important for us to launch a solution for this."

For the record, postpartum hair loss is a normal, common issue many new moms face. It's often referred to as "excessive hair shedding" and can be expected during the first few months after having a baby due to falling estrogen levels, according to the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD).

However, you don't need to have recently given birth in order to reap the hair and scalp benefits of the The Honest Company's new supplement, says Alba. "It seems that nearly everyone these days desires healthier hair and a healthier scalp. I am not currently postpartum and I use this," she says, adding that it has "made a huge difference" in her overall hair health.

Alba's current wellness routine also includes exercise. "I try to work out with Ramona [Braganza, her longtime trainer] when I can, but we keep my fitness routine flexible — I'm not overly stringent with it," she says. She enjoys switching up her workouts to keep things interesting. "I'll rotate strength training, dancing, cycling, yoga, and walking. Mixing it up makes it easier for me to stick with it."

If you're interested in trying the new supplements, you can order them from GNC or The Honest Company.

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