Jonathan Van Ness Says He Lost 35 Pounds After Working with a Nutritionist

The Queer Eye star sought help from an expert because he wanted to "do more gymnastics" and "feel better."

Jonathan Van Ness
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Jonathan Van Ness is celebrating a major personal win. The Queer Eye star recently shared a video on TikTok, telling his followers he has been prioritizing his health and wellness with the help of a nutritionist. Since he started working with a pro in April 2022, he's lost 35 pounds. (Read more: 8 Situations When You Should Consult a Nutritionist That May Surprise You)

Before he gets into the nitty gritty, Van Ness had a warning for people scrolling on the app. "I'm gonna talk about eating stuff. So, if you don't want to hear about eating stuff and food stuff then don't listen to this video," he says in the clip, adding that he's been unsure how much he wants to share because he doesn't want to "trigger folks."

Once he finishes his disclaimer, the JVN Hair founder explains that he got a nutritionist in April, a decision he made because of his career and physically demanding hobbies, such as gymnastics. "My body was hurting, my back was hurting, I was hot," he says. "So, I got a nutritionist because I wanted to be able to do more gymnastics, I wanted to be able to do more stuff, I wanted to feel better."

While he shares that he's lost 35 pounds in the TikTok video, he notes that it didn't happen overnight. "It took three weeks before I saw any change...literally three weeks of working out and, like, eating differently before I saw any change." It's an important reminder that making lifestyle changes won't give you immediate results, but that doesn't mean you're not working toward your health goals.

This isn't the first time Van Ness has opened up about working with a nutritionist. In late July 2022, he shared a few clips of himself in a gymnastics gym on Instagram with a candid caption about his relationship with eating. "In April, I got a nutritionist to help me learn to eat and prioritize taking care of my body. After the snacks episode of Getting Curious [a TV series Van Ness is a part of], I realized how much I was struggling with binge eating and I needed help," he shared.

"Because gymnastics brings me so much joy, I want to be able to do it for as long as I can," he explained at the time, noting that he felt noticeably better in the gym after he started working with a nutritionist. "It's been three months since I've been on this exploration to take more intentional care of my body, and I'm so happy I asked for help and got the help I need," he wrote in the post.

JVN mentions working with a nutritionist, but it's important to note that all dietitians are nutritionists, but not all nutritionists are dietitians. Dietitians are required to undergo specific education in order to earn the title registered dietitian (R.D.), registered dietitian nutritionist (R.D.N.), or certified dietitian nutritionist (C.D.N).

"If an individual is looking for nutrition guidance to manage a chronic condition [such as diabetes, celiac disease, etc.] they should be seeing a registered dietitian," Maya Feller, M.S., R.D., C.D.N., of Brooklyn-based Maya Feller Nutrition, previously told Shape. Other factors to keep in mind if you're thinking about consulting an expert are establishing your goals and researching what services might be covered by your insurance. (See: How Sliding-Scale Pricing Models Are Making Health and Wellness Services More Accessible)

Curious what exactly a registered dietitian does? They can help you see your eating habits through a different perspective, hold you accountable for reaching your goals, give you accurate information about all your nutrition questions, and provide emotional support, Jessica Cording, M.S., R.D., C.D.N. previously wrote for Shape.

Along with making changes to his diet, Van Ness has been working out with trainer Angel Flores, a trans powerlifter and Olympic weightlifting coach who was previously the subject of an episode of Queer Eye. "The goal [for Van Ness] has always been improved gymnastics ability, but especially recently, we've had a new focus on balancing their performance with their body," Flores told Shape in June 2022. This involves doing conditioning in addition to weight training, so the body learns to prioritize muscle mass over fat mass, she explained.

It seems as though Van Ness has been working hard to achieve his health goals and celebrating the wins. Cheers to prioritizing nutrition and exercise to keep doing the things you love.

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