The fashion influencer is speaking out against people who've criticized her #SuperSizeTheLook project.

By Faith Brar
November 15, 2019

Katie Sturino is known for many things. She's a body-positive activist, founder of MegaBabe Beauty, and you may even remember her as one of the badass women who helped us launch #LoveMyShape.

Sturino has built a huge social media following for sharing inspirational and relatable content, including her popular movement, #SuperSizeTheLook. In order to challenge mainstream beauty standards, Sturino recreates popular celebrity looks to fit her fuller figure. Her goal? To show that fashion and style transcend status-quo depictions of beauty.

Given the popularity of her recreations, People Magazine recently asked Sturino to partner with them and #SuperSizeTheLook for some of Meghan Markle's best South African Tour outfits.

"This is never about who wore it better," Sturino wrote of the project on Instagram last month. "It's about empowering women of all sizes to wear what inspires them."

The project quickly went viral and was picked up by several news outlets. Unfortunately, a lot of the coverage was negative, and the comments Sturino received on Instagram were even worse. The hurtful backlash led Sturino to address the issue on social media: In an emotional post, she reminded her followers of the harsh reality of trying to normalize size inclusivity. (Related: Study Finds Body . Shaming Leads to Higher Mortality Risk)

"Every time I think we have made so much progress about our bodies and the way we talk about women, something pops up to remind me our work is not done," she wrote alongside a photo of herself donning one of Meghan Markle's looks.

Sturino's post also showed screenshots of some of the horrible comments she's received. Some people called her "hefty", while others compared her body to a "Prius." One person went as far as saying: "No matter what the clothing is, no clothing looks good on obese people".

In her Instagram post, Sturino said the comments didn't hurt her. Rather, she said they scared her. "It's scary that a woman who is almost the average size in this country would be regarded with such shock," she wrote. "Also, they don't stop at my body, they are equal opportunity women haters who take shots at Meghan Markle as well."

The problem with body shaming is that it affects all women and there are no winners, added Sturino. "[You] can't be thin. Can't be fat," she wrote, urging people to stop criticizing women's bodies, regardless of their size.

"Please keep spreading positivity," she wrote."Please keep shining bright. Please don't engage with the crazies in the comments. Please do look at yourself in the mirror and tell her that you love her. I just did."

Even though the body positivity movement is still going strong, body shaming is still a huge issue that seems to make headlines too often. Just last week, Selena Gomez opened up about being criticized for gaining weight amid her battle with lupus. The week before, a news anchor felt compelled to clap back at a viewer who said she looked "mighty big on TV."

As Sturino says: "We have work to do."

"There is a war on women's bodies in the media and beyond and we are making headway but this sh*t reminds me to stay bright and keep going," she added. "Nobody deserves to be spoken to like this, on or offline."