Prompted by an Instagram post from body-pos advocate Katie Willcox, the examples started pouring in—and some of them, you won't believe.

By Faith Brar
Photo: Instagram / Katie Willcox

But until then, dealing with trolls continues to be an exhausting and terrifying everyday occurrence for many women, and Willcox just proved that. She decided to perform a little Instagram experiment: Using the "ask a question" feature on her Instagram Stories, Willcox asked her 500,000 followers "what comments have you received about your body that were unwarranted?"

Photo: Instagram/Katie Willcox

Just an hour later, she took screenshots of the responses she received and shared them to her Stories. The series of pictures showed dozens of messages from women, listing all the cruel and lewd comments they've heard about themselves in the past-and they're truly heartbreaking.

Comments ranged from poking fun about women's height, suggesting they should switch their workouts to change their physique, to even some outright jabs about women's appearances-period. Still some comments really stuck out: "You're too big to be with someone like him," one woman shared. Or "Losing weight will only get harder for you the older you get," wrote another. (Related: Why We've Changed The Way We Talk About Women's Bodies)

Take a look at the rest below.

Photo: Instagram/Katie Willcox

Willcox's experiment is proof that body shaming is actually a lot more common than you'd think and that these negative and judgemental comments can stick with you for a long time.

If this issue of unwarranted comments is THIS deep, what can you do to combat it? As Willcox has said before: "Remind yourself that you're not defined by your body-it's simply a small extension of the amazing person you are as a whole."


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