The Tone It Up founder is making a very important point about self-love.

By Faith Brar
Photo: Instagram / @katrinaascott

While she was pregnant, everyone told Tone It Up's Katrina Scott that given her fitness level, she'd "bounce right back" after giving birth. After all, being in shape before getting pregnant is supposed to speed up the process of getting back into shape, right? Scott believed she'd be in that camp-but things didn't go quite as planned.

"I didn't lose much weight in the 6 weeks after having Isabelle," she recently wrote on Instagram with two side-by-side photos of herself. "I was just breastfeeding and eating well (keeping up with calories for milk supply and grabbing anything quick and easy), and I stayed pretty much the same...actually I feel like I got softer from not working out."

But before being hard on herself and her body, Scott took a step back to look at the big picture. "It got me thinking," she wrote. "Personally, my body needs exercise to tone up and to see any results, so it makes sense that I wouldn't just drop pounds just sitting around the house with my boobs out."

Once she got the all-clear to start working out again, Scott slowly got back into a workout routine and saw results in just a few weeks. "Here I am the week after I got approved to exercise and then a pic yesterday," she wrote alongside the photos of herself. "It's been 5 weeks of working out and I already feel so much better-I have more energy, I feel stronger, and I'm feeling excited and more empowered to be a mama every day."

The truth is, it's perfectly normal to still look pregnant after giving birth, despite all the seemingly perfect transformation pictures you see on Instagram. To remind new moms of that fact, Scott shared another post, this time to Tone It Up's Instagram page, to share why she loves her body right now, at this very moment, and why they should do the same.

"I love my body for all that it has given me in the last year," she wrote alongside two videos of herself. "It has been the most challenging, but rewarding time of my life bringing Isabelle into this world."

Then, she broke down every part of her body that she's grateful for. "I appreciate my post-baby belly for all that it has given me," she wrote. "And I powered through my first 30-second plank yesterday!" (Related: The 10-Minute Abs Workout Tone It Up's Karena and Katrina Swear By)

"I love my mind for my mental health and for practicing mindfulness every day in everything that I do," she continued. "I love my heart for loving so deeply and passionately. And I love my booty (including my dimples and my new tiger marks)." (And this isn't the first time she's been vocal about accepting those changes: Why Tone It Up's Katrina Scott Says She Prefers Her Post-Pregnancy Body)

Scott then asked women to share videos and open up about what they love about their bodies right now, versus just focusing on the things they want to change. "I know it takes some bravery to be raw and stripped down," she wrote. "So I'm sending you the strength and love to embrace everything about you because you are beautiful, bold, and brilliant."

Women across the globe have been commenting on Scott's post, sharing their awe for her vulnerability and honesty. "It's so refreshing to have someone with your platform exemplify such a healthy, balanced approach to pregnancy and the postpartum period," one user wrote. "There was no voice out there just a few short years ago when I was pregnant with my first and to have you and all the other ladies out there for my second pregnancy is so encouraging."

"Thank you for sharing this," wrote another. "I'm having my third in a few short weeks and I already feel pressure from fellow mommies and Instamoms to get my body back instantly! It's important to love your body first and I'm so thankful you've shared your postpartum journey every step of the way." (Related: Fitness Blogger Shares Her Story About Accepting Her Post-Baby Body)

The bottom line? Whatever your postpartum journey, a little bit of self-love and patience with yourself can go a long way toward shifting your perspective.

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