The trainer shared how grateful she is for her body.

By Faith Brar
November 13, 2019

Kayla Itsines gave birth to her first child, daughter Arna Leia, back in April. Since then, the Beach Body Guides creator and Sweat trainer has been sharing her postpartum journey with her followers as she slowly re-establishes a consistent workout routine. (Check out her go-to pregnancy-safe workout.)


Even though Itsines has been candid about how much strength she lost post-pregnancy, a peek at her Instagram shows she's still been making time for exercise. In fact, the trainer was recently body-shamed for looking "too fit" just a couple months after having her baby. But while some people might think she's had it easy, Itsines shared a heartfelt post this week about the challenges she's faced in her postpartum journey. (Related: One Woman Shares Her Unique Struggle to Love Her Postpartum Body)

"I remember thinking that the time between 36 weeks and when I gave birth was going to be the hardest time for my body," Itsines wrote alongside a throwback photo of herself during her pregnancy. "But it wasn't until I actually gave birth and had a C-section that I REALLY understood what hard was."

ICYDK, a C-section is an intense surgery for anyone, regardless of what condition your body is in before the procedure. It involves cutting through the abdominal muscles in order to get to the uterus and ultimately the baby. Injuring these muscles can seriously decrease their strength not to mention their range of motion, Emily Prouse, M.D., of Metropolitan OBGYN in Denver, previously told us. In Itsines' case, she struggled to even "get out of bed or lift anything", let alone exercise, shortly after having her baby, she wrote in her Instagram post.

"All the [muscle] layers need time to heal," explained Dr. Prouse, which might mean about six to eight weeks of recovery time before resuming normal fitness activities, she added. "After the six-week mark, you can increase the intensity of exercise and start lifting a little weight," she said.

It's taken about seven months for Itsines to get to where she is today. Given all the hard work and focus she's put into her recovery, she said she can't help but appreciate her "amazing progress". (Related: Kayla Itsines Shared Her First Postpartum Recovery Photo with a Powerful Message)

"I'm SO proud of myself," Itsines continued sharing in her post. "Honestly, in my first session of trying to walk on a treadmill after clearance, I never thought I'd get back to the strength I have now. I'm SO grateful to my body for everything it has given me."



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