"I am happy being me and I wouldn't change a thing."

By Faith Brar

It can be hard to catch a break from haters when your job is to be in the spotlight, as Instagram fitness queen Kayla Itsines knows all too well. She recently shared how people perpetually badger her with questions, asking if she wishes she had bigger boobs, a bigger butt, or more muscle. (Related: Kayla Itsines Shares the #1 Thing People Get Wrong About Transformation Photos)

Instead of letting the negative banter get to her, Itsines says she accepts her body just as it. "This is my body-all day-everyday," she wrote alongside a video of herself showing off her figure. "Some people may like [it], some may hate it, but I love my body. What you see here is what I look like every day."

Not to mention, she's already super strong. "I am proud of who I am and my body because I've earned everything that I feel today. I am strong. I am fit. I am confident and I am HAPPY being me and I wouldn't change a thing," she wrote.

To those who ask her if she wishes her body was different, Itsines says: "I don't actually wish any of those things. I'm very happy with what I have. In a world full of skinny teas, special secret supplements, waist trainers and photoshop...focus on being the real."


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