Kayla Itsines Perfectly Explains Why Wanting What Others Have Will Never Make You Happy

"You will never look like anyone but yourself and you will never have anything you don't work for."

Photo: Instagram / @Kayla_Itsines.

The way we talk about women's bodies has changed drastically, mostly props to the body-positive movement that's still going strong. And undoubtedly, more women are seeing bodies like theirs represented by major brands and in the media than ever before. But that doesn't mean body acceptance always comes easy.

One of the biggest struggles that women face is comparing themselves to other women. As Instagram fitness influencers and models serve up "#bodygoals" through their perfectly curated posts, it's easy to be consumed by negative thoughts about your own body while looking in the mirror. (

If you've found yourself feeling that way, you're not alone-but fitness and wellness queen, Kayla Itsines, is here to remind you why that way of thinking is seriously detrimental to your body image. "I've seen so many women who look at other women and say, "If I looked like her, I would be happy," or "If I just had that-I would be happy," she wrote in a powerful Instagram post.

But the truth is, as Itsines wrote: "You will never look like anyone but yourself, and you will never have anything you don't work for." (

"Instead of wanting something other than what you have now, concentrate on YOU," she continued. "Focus on your life, your body, changing your mindset and setting goals YOU can achieve." (

At the end of the day, if you're always focused on wanting to be different, you'll miss out on everything you have going for you right now. As Itsines puts it, "you are only ever going to be YOU-be the best version of yourself and keep working on yourself. Look at yourself and feel PROUD!"

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