Kelsey Wells Shares What It Really Means to Feel Empowered By Fitness

"The confidence I taught myself and developed in the gym and in my training spill over into every other area of my life," the trainer says.

When striving to build (and commit to) a healthy lifestyle, it's important to find your "why"-the reason(s) driving you to consistently stay on top of that goal. That's what makes the journey gratifying-and more importantly, sustainable. Jillian Michaels said so herself. While everyone's "why" will naturally be different, for fitness sensation Kelsey Wells, her why means doing her very best every day, embracing her body, and building strength emotionally and mentally.

In an effort to drive that message home, Wells took to Instagram to share side by side photos of herself: One where she's in the gym, wearing workout clothes, flexing and another where she's wearing regular clothes, ready for a night out. Wells' devoted fans who are used to seeing her in spandex might do a double-take when they see her in a floral romper with ruffles, but the trainer explains why she's being true to herself in both of these outfits.

"I feel STRONG and confident and ME in both photos," she captioned the post. "Embrace who you are!! Stop trying to fit into a mold or box. Live!! Identify the things that speak to you in this world, and dream big, then set goals and work for those dreams!"

Wells wanted her followers to know that while she's worked hard for her toned physique, finding a healthy lifestyle that worked for her was important for reasons that aren't visible to the eye. "Strong is sexy," she wrote. "Muscles are feminine. But I train to be strong mentally and emotionally too. The confidence I taught myself and developed in the gym and in my training spill over into every other area of my life and allow me to live truly authentically." (

While Wells' body is proof of her progress, it's only a part of her inspirational journey. "I am proud of the muscles I have built, but SO MUCH MORE SO for the strength you cannot outwardly see," she wrote. "I fought so hard and found the strength to be and love ME. That is what it's all about at the end of the day. Empowering ourselves through fitness-strong and powerful from the inside out."

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