Kristen Bell Got a Mouth Massage and Said She's 'Never Felt More Relaxed'

Find out exactly what a buccal massage is and why someone might get one.

Kristen Bell
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When it comes to health and wellness trends, you can count on celebrities to shed light on some pretty interesting practices. This week, Kristen Bell shared a video on Instagram after getting a buccal massage (aka a mouth massage performed from the inside out). She seems so relaxed in the clip, you're going to want to get one for yourself. (Check it out: Kim Kardashian Shared the Results of Her Full Body Scan, But What Even Is That?)

"Okay, I just got back to earth. I left for a while because I tried a face massage where half of it is done from the inside of your mouth," says the actress in an Instagram Reel. While wearing just a towel as soothing spa music plays in the background, Bell demonstrates what she's describing by putting a thumb in her mouth and pulling at the inside of her cheek. "At one point, Paulina had both her hands in my mouth and I'm going to be honest, I've never felt more relaxed in my life. So, if you're considering it, [I] highly recommend," she added.

"I don't want to go home now as I know the kids will ruin my vibe. But it must be done. Euphoria can only last so long — but I'll be back!" she wrote in her caption, tagging Kosha Spa, where she seemingly received her treatment.

While Bell appears incredibly blissed out in the clip she posted on Instagram, you still might be wondering what exactly a buccal massage is and why someone might get one. As she briefly explains, a buccal facial involves someone inserting a gloved finger (typically the thumb or index finger) into your mouth to massage the inside of the cheek, lip, and nasal muscles, while the other fingers continue to work on the outside of your face. "The buccal facial better targets the underlying muscles of the area," Anna Babayan, owner of Anna Babayan Skincare and certified buccal therapist, previously told Shape. "It concentrates on pressure points that help to restore muscular facial tone [firmness] and relieve any existing tension in the area."

The treatment helps improve circulation, smooth facial lines, increase collagen production, and release tension in the jaw. Buccal massage may be especially helpful for people with temporomandibular disorders (TMD), which many misname "TMJ," Angelique Freking D.D.S., dental director of Park Slope Dentistry in Brooklyn, New York, previously told Shape. "Relaxation and subsequent pain-tension relief of the targeted muscles are the main benefits of this type of massage," she explained. However, the mouth massage can help people who simply hold tension in their head and neck too, added Freking.

After you get a buccal massage, you may be left with more relaxed facial expressions, glowing skin, and plump cheeks, Babayan told Shape. One thing to note: These results are only temporary. You also might have a headache afterward due to the increase blood flow to your face and head caused by the treatment, explained Freking.

So, if you want to feel as relaxed as Bell appears in her latest Instagram post, you might consider seeking out a buccal massage at a spa near you. Keep in mind, it might be a little harder to find a spa that offers this service, as it's not as mainstream as a typical facial.

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