From infrared sauna sessions to skin treatments, the mother-daughter duo has self-care figured out.

By Kate Sandoval Box
January 18, 2020
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Credit: Matthew Eisman/Getty

Leslie Mann’s beauty philosophy is as real as you’d hope.

“Let’s say you have perfect makeup and a smoking-hot bod but feel crappy on the inside. You’re just not going to seem beautiful. Feeling good about yourself is the key,” she says.

The busy actor follows her own advice with a self-care regimen that includes exercise, eating well, and meditation. “I love to do 21-minute guided meditations that start as a meditation and wind up as a nap,” says Mann. And when she's feeling low, she heads to the ocean or spends time with her kids, even if they don't want to be around her.

As a Jergens Brand Ambassador, Mann knows the importance of a tried-and-true skin-care routine comprised of nourishing essentials like Jergens Original Scent Cherry Almond Lotion (Buy It, $6, “I prioritize taking care of my skin," she says. "If my skin looks great, I feel amazing.”

This respect for skin care runs deep in the family, including with her daughter and fellow ambassador Maude Apatow, who adds that, for her, applying makeup is a way to take care of herself and get a quick confidence boost. Along with warm, glowing skin and eye-catching mascara, Apatow loves a nice bold lip. “Red lipstick makes me feel so put together,” she says.

Sharing a beauty ritual helps too. “We do infrared sauna sessions together,” says Mann, who mentions they exfoliate with a dry brush before every sweat. Asked where their favorite infrared spa is, Mann says, “Is it terrible to admit that we have one at home? It was a big 20th-anniversary gift. All my friends and family come over and use it, which is maybe gross, I guess?”

An even happier place for Mann, however, is her bed. “Ideally, my kids are on both sides of me, my husband [filmmaker Judd Apatow] is at the foot of the bed, my cat and two dogs are smooshed in, and Dateline NBC is on TV.”

Shape Magazine, January/February 2020 issue

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