Enter the Teak Squatty Potty—the luxurious pooping stool you need in your bathroom.


Ever since you saw that crazy pooping unicorn ad, you've wanted to try a pooping stool-especially after hearing about how magical a Squatty Potty really is. But you're still a little skeptical. I mean, what if someone uses your bathroom and sees it? Let's also not forget how unattractive most are.

Teak Squatty Potty Stool

If you're not ready to tell the world that you happily use a pooping stool (or at least tell the people who come to your home), then try this slim teak version ($80) that in no ways screams, "I use this to poop!" Or maybe you just need something with a more midcentury design to match your bathroom aesthetic.

It may cost considerably more than a white plastic Squatty Potty ($25), but it looks much classier, more modern, and more inconspicuous. And if you feel less embarrassed and even proud to have this in your bathroom and you actually use it, then it's worth paying over double, because there's nothing like the feeling of a good poop in the morning.

This article originally appeared on Popsugar Fitness.

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