Why This Influencer Is "Proud" of Her Body After Having Her Breast Implants Removed

Malin Nunez shared a powerful transformation photo on Instagram.

Malin Nunez before and after transformation photo after having breast implants removed
Photo: Instagram/@malinbjork

Before-and-after photos often focus on physical transformations alone. But after having her breast implants removed, influencer Malin Nunez says she's noticed more than just aesthetic changes.

Nunez recently shared a side-by-side photo on Instagram. One pic shows her with breast implants, and the other shows her post-explant surgery.

"This looks more like after & before if you look at most pics on the internet," she wrote in the caption. "But this is my before and after and I'm proud of my body."

Nunez had her breast implants removed in January after experiencing several debilitating symptoms, including significant fatigue, acne, hair loss, dry skin, and pain, according to one of her Instagram Highlights. While dealing with these symptoms, she also "got a lot of fluid" around her implants. "...it was an inflammation and the doctor thought my implant was ruptured," she wrote at the time.

With no other explanations from her doctor, Nunez believed her health issues were due to breast implant illness, she explained. "I booked my surgery and got a time [for the explant procedure] one week later," she posted in January.

ICYDK, breast implant illness (BII) is a term that describes a series of symptoms that stem from ruptured breast implants or an allergy to the product, among other things. Though it's not clear how many women have experienced BII, there's a "recognizable pattern of health problems" linked to breast implants (usually silicone), according to the National Center for Health Research.

However, in May, the FDA released a statement saying it "doesn't have definitive evidence demonstrating breast implants cause these symptoms." Yet women like Nunez continue to struggle with BII. (Fitness influencer Sia Cooper also had her breast implants removed after dealing with BII.)

Fortunately, Nunez's explant surgery was successful. Today, she's proud of her body not just for recuperating from the surgery, but for giving her two incredible children as well.

"My body managed to create two beautiful boys, who cares [if I have] some extra skin here and there? Who cares if my breasts look like two dead meatballs?" she shared in her latest post.

Though Nunez was afraid she wouldn't like how her breasts looked without implants, she feels more like herself now than ever before, she continued. (

"You decide what's beauty or not with yourself," she wrote, "[no one] else can ever decide that for you."

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