You need to see these photos of her working out while nursing her baby!


Motherhood has a way of bringing out your natural ability to multitask, but this is next level. Fit mom Monica Bencomo was determined to keep up with her regular workouts without sacrificing her desire to breastfeed her child. While it's never easy to juggle self-care along with the demands of motherhood, Monica found a way to make it all work-and in doing so, she did what so many others mamas have also done: She proved that moms can breastfeed in just about any situation.

Bencomo, who blogs at Moms Wear Heels, has been showing off sneak peeks at her workouts, and many of them feature cameos from her two adorable little ones. The best part? The mama manages to nurse while maintaining her exercise regimen.

The fit mom believes in doing whatever she can do keep up her healthy habits, but she understands how hard it is to sneak in those workouts when you're a breastfeeding mom. Sheer convenience led her to exercise and nurse at the same time, but reactions to her photos and videos prove that Bencomo isn't just doing what works for her-she's inspiring moms everywhere.

"I decided to post my raw and authentic breastfeeding journey because it is important to me to inspire moms to incorporate family into their fitness lifestyle," Bencomo told Fit Pregnancy. "So many moms who are fitness professionals ditch the idea of prolonging breastfeeding due to their desire to get ripped, take fat burners, and other supplements unhealthy to a nursing child. Breastfeeding causes our bodies naturally to store more fat, which is also a big no-no for fitness competitors like myself."

But Bencomo's own experience taught her that breastfeeding and staying in amazing shape don't have to be mutually exclusive.