Google Trends' new interactive tool tracks the healthy eating info looked up globally—and the search results may surprise you

By Charlotte Hilton Andersen
September 11, 2015
Google Trends

A healthy lifestyle is becoming more en vogue with every article, celeb transformation, and Instagram post about vegetables. But certain parts of how to complete that puzzle are, understandably, still a little fuzzy. How do we know? Google trends created an interactive map showing just who is searching for what health-related topics in countries around the world. And we guarantee you'll be surprised. (Hint: The U.S. didn't even make the top 20 most health-focused countries!)

For starters, we learned little places think big. The top 10 health-curious countries all have populations of less than 12 million people. And of those top 10, seven of them are tiny island nations like Cook Islands, Tuvalu, Bermuda, Grenada, British Virgin Islands, Cuba, and Jersey. Part of the reason these people are turning to the Internet to answer their health questions may be because their relative isolation and emerging economies lead to less access to formal healthcare (rough trade off for miles of gorgeous beaches and warm water).

And Italians really are decadent lovers of life. Italy claimed the number one spot for the least number of health searches, reaffirming their image as gelato- and pasta-loving people. Of course they are also home to some of the longest-living people in the world, areas known as part of the Blue Zone, so they must be doing something right! Other countries that didn't seem too worried about their health based on their Google searches? Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Hungary, Iraq, Azerbaijan, Slovakia, and Armeniaall countries that have more pressing economic and political concerns at the moment.

Exactly what residents of each country were searching revealed a lot, too. Diets may differ but everyone cares about the healthfulness of their native foods. The most popular question asked was "How to eat healthy?" closely followed by "Is (insert food) healthy?" proving that whether we're eating sushi or salami, we all want to know how our food is helping or hurting us.

Good news for health-seekers of all nationalities: You have questions, and we have answers!

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