Your March 2021 Horoscope for Health, Love, and Success

Here's what the planets have to say about every facet of your life in the month ahead.

After a month of getting deluged and stalled out by wintry weather, perhaps even stuck in reverse, thanks to a month dominated by Mercury retrograde, March 2021 will finally bring forward movement — and not only because it hosts the spring equinox and beginning of a whole new astrological cycle.

Up until March 20, the confident sun will move through hazy, daydream-obsessed, empathic Pisces, urging you to wear rose-colored glasses, channel your deepest emotions into art, and swim around in all the feelings. Then, from March 20 to April 29, Aries season kicks off a new astrological year, as the sun moves through the dynamic, competitive, impulsive fire sign, stirring you to hit the ground running, getting all those laundry-listed to-dos and dreams accomplished yesterday.

Pisces and Aries seasons — the first, fertile ground for creative and heart-centric pursuits, while the second motivates you to make bold moves — join forces to make March a time to both imagine and act. This is the time for reflecting on your desires, then getting the wheels in motion. The water-to-fire energy can feel just like steam; it can fog up your rational thought, but it can also turn up the volume on your passion, excitement, and drive. This month, you'll want to take a moment for mindfulness and even escape into a dreamscape of your design before chasing down what you want with all the energy and will of a fired-up little kid.

The sun is far from the only headline-maker during March 2021. Mars, the planet of action, sex, and energy, will make an exciting shift out of grounded-at-best, stubborn-at-worst earth sign Taurus and into curious, communicative, social, and sometimes scattered air sign Gemini, setting a new tone for how you'll get stuff done. Beware the temptation to multitask when you need to focus or spread yourself too thin until April 23.

But Pisces season will still be in full swing, and on March 13, a new moon in the romantic water sign will occur just as Venus, the planet of love, pairs up with mystical Neptune, setting the stage for getting swept off your feet or carried away by whimsical, rational thought-clouding daydreams.

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From March 15 to April 3, communicator Mercury finally leaves the Aquarian party that a whole horde of planets have been attending for weeks, entering emotional Pisces and bringing a more artistic, sensitive, intuitive, perhaps even slightly psychic vibe to the way you take in and share information. That said, the messenger planet is in its fall (aka a weakened state) in the water sign, leading to less clarity in matters of communication, transportation, and technology.

But just after the sun shifts into go-getter, speedy Aries, Venus follows on March 21, bringing childlike playfulness and impulsive, shamelessly assertive and direct vibes to all things romance, money, and beauty from April 14. The same day, Mars in Gemini will form a harmonizing trine to taskmaster Saturn in Aquarius, laying the groundwork for you to come out on top as long as you're following your heart and putting in the work.

On March 26, the confident sun and romantic Venus pair up in Aries, which is basically the most gorgeous weather report for making your romantic and artistic fantasies a reality.

Two days later, a full moon in partnership-oriented Libra harmonizes with taskmaster Saturn and go-getter Mars while opposing romantic Venus. It could be a time during which you're pushed to get serious, take action, or move on from a relationship.

The month closes out on a fittingly dreamy note on March 29 as communicator Mercury joins forces with mystical Neptune, stirring you to tune into your intuition and consider key takeaways from your daydreams, journaling, meditation, or whatever spiritual practice speaks to you the most.

Want to know more about how March's astrological highlights will affect your health and wellness, relationships, and career? Read on for your sign's March 2021 horoscope. (Pro tip: Be sure to read your rising sign/ascendant, aka your social personality, if you know that, too. If not, consider getting a natal chart reading to find out.)

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Aries (March 21–April 19)

Health: You'll be radiating from the inside out and thoroughly fired up to take on your big-picture fitness goals while the confident sun moves through your sign from March 20 to April 19. There's no doubt your dynamic, take-charge approach will impress others, but it could pay to spend some quality time thinking about what exactly you'd like to accomplish for yourself versus for anyone else.

Relationships: Whether you've been wanting to swipe around on the apps with a new intention or get out of your comfort zone with your sweetheart, you'll have romantic Venus on your side from March 21 to April 14 as it moves through your sign. Pleasure will be top of mind, and it's a moment when you'll be able to attract whatever it is you've been craving, so make a point to pursue that steamy fantasy or make a bold play for your latest crush.

Career: With your ruling planet, go-getter Mars, in your third house of communication from March 3 to April 23, you'll be feeling especially expressive, assertive, and full of exciting pitches and proposals. Take advantage by brainstorming with colleagues and meeting with higher-ups. Batting your ideas around together can help you land on a winning path to pursue.

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Taurus (April 20–May 20)

Health: The March 13 new moon, which falls in your eleventh house of networking, can offer fertile ground for joining forces with colleagues on a project that's close to your heart. Not only will you enjoy the company and contributions of like-minded people, but you'll feel empowered by working with a team. The more you collaborate now, the closer you'll get to success.

Relationships: You could be feeling extra protective and private about your romantic cravings and the details of your love life while sweet Venus is in your twelfth house of spirituality from March 21 to April 14. Sure, it's technically spring, but you can take this time to hibernate a bit more with your sweetheart — or yourself — and explore your desires. Also consider making a deep-rooted fantasy (time to explore BDSM?) real.

Career: Around March 28, when the full moon falls in your sixth house of daily routine, forming a harmonizing trine to go-getter Mars in your second house of income and taskmaster Saturn in your tenth house of career, you could have an exciting realization about how much you've been bringing to the table on the job. If you feel like you're not being properly compensated or recognized for your efforts, it could be time to reevaluate and rethink your long-term game plan.

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Gemini (May 21–June 20)

Health: Thanks to the confident sun in your eleventh house of networking from March 20 to April 19, you'll be drawn to more group activities. Even if you can't hit up your fave local yoga studio or boxing spot just yet, you might find cool new ways to enjoy your friends and colleagues' company — or make new connections — on social fitness apps (think: Nike Run Club or LSF the App). And whenever, if ever, you feel like you might be running on empty, leaning on others can help you get extra centered and on track now.

Relationships: Around March 28, when the full moon falls in your fifth house of romance, you could be frustrated if it feels like you've been keeping your nose to the grindstone without a break for too long. This is a moment to get off the hamster wheel, and prioritize fun, pleasure, and adventure. Opening yourself up to wherever the moment takes you can lead to a sexy bonding moment with your sweetheart or someone new.

Career: While go-getter Mars is in your sign from March 3 to April 23, you'll be extra motivated to move the ball forward on your most ambitious professional aspirations. Brush up that resume and send it to your dream clients or employers, rework your online presence, call a Zoom meeting with a networking contact, or do all of the above. You have all the energy and the passion to make a lasting impression now.

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Cancer (June 21–July 22)

Health: Although you tend to like to stick with the routines that feel familiar and comfortable, you could be surprised by your appetite for change around March 13 when the new moon falls in your ninth house of adventure. Consider setting an intention around trying a new mind-body routine that feeds your spirit. Something like Kundalini meditation or diving into an intriguing wellness book could satisfy your desire to soak up knowledge while helping you take your fitness to the next level.

Relationships: You could be in your feelings in a major way around March 28, when the full moon is in your fourth house of home life, forming a sweet trine to sexy Mars in your twelfth house of spirituality and taskmaster Saturn in your eighth house of emotional bonds. The good news is that you'll be empowered to stand up for whatever it is you're realizing you need to bolster your sense of security within your closest bonds. A tough heart-to-heart could make for necessary healing.

Career: You'll be more than prepared to go to bat for your professional goals — and higher-ups should be on the same page, thanks to the self-image-boosting sun in your tenth house of career from March 20 to April 19. You'll be thinking about how you can best make your mark and step into a more advanced, perhaps even leadership role now. Sharing exactly what you've been thinking in a direct, assertive way can set the stage for the recognition you deserve.

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Leo (July 23–August 22)

Health: You'll want to break free of those tried-and-true fitness routines while the confident sun, your ruler, moves through your ninth house of adventure from March 20 to April 19. Even a change of scenery can do wonders for your mind, body, and spirit, so consider bringing your yoga mat to the park or hitting up a new hiking trail. As long as you're craving opportunities for learning and broadening your horizons through your workouts, you'll be feeling extra satisfied and grounded.

Relationships: Around March 13, when the new moon is in your eighth house of emotional bonds and sexual intimacy, you'll want to connect with your S.O. or someone special in a spiritual, emotional way. You could even be compelled to reflect on and open up about wounds that you might not have discussed previously — or felt comfortable divulging to anyone before. Then, by establishing a new level of trust, you might find you've set a new tone ripe for exploring some of your hottest desires.

Career: While go-getter Mars is in your eleventh house of networking from March 3 to April 23, you'll be drawn more than usual to team efforts — quite likely because you see that it's the best way to move forward on a cause or aspiration you're super fired up about. Your tendency might be to jump into a leadership position, but doing your best to ensure the effort is truly collaborative could allow you to make an even stronger case to higher-ups.

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Virgo (August 23–September 22)

Health: On March 4, when communicator Mercury, your ruling planet, and lucky Jupiter pair up in your sixth house of wellness and daily routine, you might feel psyched to research new ways to amplify your daily routine and balance-boosting activities. Talk to friends and loved ones or dig into a bit of research to address your biggest long-term goal. A wider variety of roads can point you toward an abundance of exciting and helpful information now.

Relationships: If you're attached, getting even closer to your S.O. could absolutely be in the cards — and if you're single, meeting someone with whom you have an almost eerily spiritual connection could happen easily while romantic Venus moves through your eighth house of emotional bonds and sexual intimacy from March 21 to April 14. Being unafraid to wear your heart on your sleeve — and expecting the same from your special someone — will be a part of the deal.

Career: While go-getter Mars is in your tenth house of career from March 3 to April 23, you'll be feeling extra confident about going after projects and opportunities that could earn you recognition for your hard work. Don't hesitate to hone your sales pitch, find new ways to circulate your resume, or work with a mentor to come up with the ultimate game plan for achieving your big-picture goal. Making unapologetically assertive moves could be the thing that leads you to your ideal outcome now.

Caitlin-Marie Miner Ong

Libra (September 23–October 22)

Health: Consider setting a powerful intention related to bolstering your well-being around March 13 when the new moon is in your sixth house of wellness and daily routine. Ideally, you'll want to zero in on something that feels right intuitively and is actionable on a day-to-day basis, such as drinking more water or taking more exercise snack breaks. If you need to set aside some quiet time to get clear, whether it's making time to run that CBD bath or to enjoying whatever ritual offers the most productive peace of mind.

Relationships: You're known for being a total romantic who's invested in your closest relationships, and while romantic Venus, your ruling planet, is in your seventh house of partnership from March 21 to April 14, you'll be even more interested in pouring time and energy into bolstering these bonds. Whether you're carving out time to tackle projects around the house with your S.O. or for a Zoom date with that intriguing new match, you have the green light to make one-on-one interactions especially productive and fulfilling.

Career: Around March 28, when the full moon in your sign forms harmonizing trines to serious Saturn in your fifth house of self-expression and action-oriented Mars in your ninth house of adventure, the same old routine could be taking an emotional toll. You'll want to be innovative and artistic now and feel totally stressed by the prospect of sticking to the script. That said, this moment could nudge you to make more room for play and joy in your work, which is sure to go a long way.

Caitlin-Marie Miner Ong

Scorpio (October 23–November 21)

Health: While the confident sun moves through your sixth house of wellness and daily routine from March 20 to April 19, you'll be feeling extra vital and focused on prioritizing the practices that contribute to that feeling. This can be a fruitful time to take stock of all your commitments and decide what's worth your time and energy — and what's not. Then, you can go all in on a healthy game plan that's in line with your short- and long-term vision. (See: Why You Should Stop Doing Things You Hate Once and for All)

Relationships: Sexy Mars, one of your co-rulers, moves through your eighth house of emotional bonds and sexual intimacy from March 3 to April 23, and it could feel like your sex drive just got a shot of adrenaline. You'll be more fired up to share your wants and explore different, exciting terrain, whether during solo play or with a partner. Allowing yourself to open up and share what's in your heart will be the key to making the experience all the more intense and gratifying.

Career: Around March 13, when the new moon falls in your fifth house of self-expression, you'll want to feel like you're making an impression on others through your art or most innovative proposals. This can be an exciting opportunity to let your imagination run wild, then zero in on the creative ideas that resonate most with your heart. You have a sweet combo of motivation and ingenuity to get the ball rolling now.

Caitlin-Marie Miner Ong

Sagittarius (November 22–December 21)

Health: While go-getter Mars is in your seventh house of partnership from March 3 to April 23, you might realize that you'll be able to get even further ahead on big-picture wellness goals by leaning on an expert (think: a personal trainer, nutrition pro, or doctor you trust), loved one, or dear friend. Trusting their take and being up for working one-on-one can lead you to your ultimate end game.

Relationships: While romantic Venus moves through your fifth house of romance from March 21 to April 14, you'll be feeling more lighthearted, playful, expressive, and flirtatious with your S.O. or a potential match. For that reason, prioritizing fun and spontaneity above anything else can make for the best results. In other words, instead of being set on a specific date night plan, allow yourself to go with the flow — maybe even opting for an active, outdoor date — and sparks could fly.

Career: Around March 28, when the full moon is in your eleventh house of networking, you could have an epiphany around your bonds with colleagues, friends, or neighbors. This is a moment for speaking your truth, allowing yourself to lean on others, and fostering a sense of community. In turn, you could realize just how integral these bonds are to your big-picture success.

Caitlin-Marie Miner Ong

Capricorn (December 22–January 19)

Health: You'll be even more determined to make intentions related to your fitness and daily routine real while go-getter Mars is in your sixth house of wellness from March 3 to April 23. The major risk right now is feeling empowered to approach your goals from so many different angles that you end up spreading yourself too thin and running yourself ragged. For that reason, you'll do well to remain razor-focused on your main pushes, striving for quality over quantity. The good news: If anyone's a pro at that, it's you.

Relationships: While romantic Venus moves through your fourth house of home life from March 21 to April 14, you'll be especially motivated to dedicate time to connecting with loved ones, enjoying the go-to activities and longtime traditions that warm your heart. Involving your S.O. or sharing how you feel about these moments with a potential partner can be a sweet way to bond.

Career: Higher-ups are sure to notice how much you've been putting your nose to the grindstone around March 28 when the full moon is in your tenth house of career. It'll be a chance for you to shine and show what you've got professionally. And because the moon forms a harmonizing trine to taskmaster Saturn, your ruling planet, in your second house of income, this could be a beneficial time for going to bat for a raise, a higher rate, or a longer-term contract.

Caitlin-Marie Miner Ong

Aquarius (January 20–February 18)

Health: On March 4, messenger Mercury and lucky Jupiter join forces in your sign, setting the stage for amplified, productive communication, creativity, and an optimistic outlook. Brainstorm new ways to hit your wellness goals solo or with VIPs who truly understand what you're aiming for. You could find that by being as pragmatic as you are imaginative now, you pinpoint an exciting new way to achieve your dream end result.

Relationships: You'll be in the mood to experiment and switch up everything from positions (try the butterfly, for example) to sexting techniques while sexy Mars moves through your fifth house of romance from Wednesday, March 3 to Friday, April 23. Consider being more direct than usual or trying techniques like playful teasing or role playing. Allowing yourself to explore and prioritize fun can make for a seriously steamy time.

Career: While the confident sun moves through your third house of communication from March 20 to April 19, curiosity, creativity, and tapping your wide network of social connections are bound to be your strengths for getting ahead on the job. The only issue might be feeling like you have too many cool ideas or Zoom happy hour invites, so just be sure to build in time to chill and take care of yourself, so you can keep firing on all cylinders.

Caitlin-Marie Miner Ong

Pisces (February 19–March 20)

Health: While communicator Mercury is in your sign from March 15 to April 3, you can more easily put what's on your mind and in your heart into words. That said, this can be a beneficial time for experimenting with an intriguing mind-body practice (think: Reiki or acupuncture), going deep in therapy or meeting with a trusted health care provider. Feeling empowered to learn and gather info now can help you get to the root of any wellness concerns and have you feeling more vital — mentally and physically.

Relationships: You'll have a powerful opportunity to tune into your intuition around March 28, when the full moon is in your eighth house of emotional bonds and sexual intimacy. This could lead to tapping into deep-rooted feelings and wounds related to reciprocity in relationships. Sharing your realizations with someone special can make for greater self-awareness and mutual understanding.

Career: Around March 13, when the new moon is in your sign, you have a clear runway to set a game-changing intention related to your big-picture professional goals. Thanks to a sweet trine between creative Venus and dreamy Neptune in your sign the same day, you'll be feeling especially imaginative and social. Sharing that your ultimate dream result with someone you love can lead you to take a major step in a rewarding direction.

Maressa Brown is a writer and astrologer with more than 15 years of experience. In addition to being Shape's resident astrologer, she contributes to InStyle, Parents,, and more. Follow her Instagram and Twitter at @MaressaSylvie

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