"It was a real struggle to get back to the mentality that has driven me all these years."

By Faith Brar
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Massy Arias is known for sharing unparalleled fitspirational posts on Instagram-like that one time she jumped on a 45-inch stack of plyo boxes. One glance at her feed and it's easy to assume that this woman is invincible. But her most recent post proves that even she has had struggles when it comes to fitness.

Yesterday, the health coach took to Instagram to share how much she's transformed both physically-and mentally-after giving birth almost two years ago. "April 30th, 2017 vs. today. 37 pounds difference with better body composition," she wrote alongside two photos of herself.

While the physical transformation is impressive, there's a lot that it doesn't convey about how much she had to overcome. "I lost the most muscle and felt the weakest after giving birth," she wrote. "I lost all connection to my body and with the postpartum depression, it was a real struggle to get back to the mentality that has driven me all these years."

Arias has been brutally honest about her struggles with new motherhood. "The postpartum period was the hardest thing I've ever gone through, made worse because I was determined to breastfeed but my nipples were a bleeding mess," she told Parents last year. "Those first weeks, I would forget to eat. I would forget to bathe. It was all Indi, Indi, Indi. If she napped, I couldn't sleep because I'd have to check to make sure she was breathing. I had so much anxiety. 'Am I doing this right? Why is she crying so much? Those frickin' hiccups, when will they go away?' I was crying every single day. I was losing it."

But eventually, Arias was able to find balance, and she learned a valuable lesson along the way-one that she thinks is crucial to share with her 2.5 million followers. "I'm making this post so you guys understand that losing weight and/or putting on muscle takes time, patience, and it involves making a lifestyle change," she continued writing in her post. "It involves commitment; it involves investing in yourself." (Related: Massy Arias Explains the #1 Thing People Get Wrong When Setting Fitness Goals)

Given all the unsafe detox and weight-loss methods on the market these days, Arias wants to make it clear that if health is your goal, shortcuts and quick fixes aren't an option. "I didn't waist train," she wrote. "I didn't take any appetite suppressants. I followed balanced nutrition that was sustainable and I worked my booty off." (Related: Katie Willcox Wants You to Know That Losing Baby Weight Takes Time)

With all the incredible post-pregnancy transformations flooding our Instagram feeds these days, it's easy to forget that getting back to your pre-baby self takes time. Arias says it best: "Fitness is a mindset. No matter how slow you go, you are making progress every day you choose to elevate yourself."

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