Your May 2021 Horoscope for Health, Love, and Success

Here's how the rest of Taurus season, the kickoff of Gemini season, and a couple major planetary shifts will color your month.

We all know summer doesn't officially start until June 20, but with May playing host to Memorial Day weekend, the fifth month of the year really acts as a bridge between two of the sweetest, warmest seasons, filled with shimmering sunshine from dawn to dusk. And this year, that sunshine feels even more luminous, thanks to the promise of more social time and less distancing — something that we can't help but crave on a whole new level as we trade homebody Taurus vibes for chatty Gemini season.

Until May 20, the confident sun moves through slow, steady, grounded fixed earth sign Taurus, urging you to mindfully soak up the simple pleasures of springtime and opt for a leisurely, pleasure-seeking approach in all things. Then, from May 20 to June 20, the sun will occupy social, curious, information-loving, and style-conscious mutable air sign Gemini, setting the stage for more of everything its ruler, Mercury, oversees: amplified communication, transportation, and focus on technology.

Taurus and Gemini seasons — the first leaning into the aspects of life that offer a sense of beauty, security, and comfort, while the latter encourages time to play and reconnect with others — join forces to make May a moment for being in the moment and being with others (as safely as possible). The earth-to-air energy can be as grounding as it is buzzy, equal parts sensual and intellectual. It could also be slightly whiplash-y, given how slowly Taurus moves and how speedily Gemini wants to go. But flipping that switch could also feel like switching your Spotify playlist from chill lofi to dance pop — thoroughly energizing.

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Still, the sun is far from the only main event throughout May 2021.

First off, Mercury is going to be even more of a major player than it usually is as the ruler of Gemini season. The communication planet enters its home sign of Gemini on May 3, giving way to several weeks of speedy, buoyant socializing, and short-distance travel. But prepare to hit the brakes and backtrack come May 29 when it goes retrograde until June 22, nudging you to focus on revision and reflection over plowing ahead.

And after May 8, Venus leaves languorous Taurus for buzzy Gemini, giving romantic and beauty-related matters a more cerebral, curious, noncommittal, and fast-paced vibe.

On May 11, the new moon in Taurus will urge you to set intentions that might require bringing a pragmatic approach to your wildest dreams and deepest desires.

Two days later, on May 13, Jupiter, the planet of luck and abundance — which has a magnifying effect on everything it touches — will shift out of Aquarius, where it's been since December. It'll hang in romantic, empathic, slightly psychic Pisces, expanding the tendency to wear rose-colored glasses and choose fantasy and spirituality over cold, hard reality until July 28.

On May 23, taskmaster Saturn begins its retrograde in Aquarius, encouraging more inner versus external work to hit goals, until October 10.

And the month wraps up with a full moon and the first emotional, game-changing eclipse of the year, happening in Sagittarius. Think back to whatever was kicking off around December 14, 2020, when the corresponding solar eclipse occurred, and you might get a sense of what could now be coming to its natural culmination point.

Want to know more about how May's astrological highlights will affect your health and wellness, relationships, and career? Read on for your sign's May 2021 horoscope. (Pro tip: Be sure to read your rising sign/ascendant, aka your social personality, if you know that, too. If not, consider getting a natal chart reading to find out.)

Aries (March 21–April 19)

Health: You usually prefer to approach your wellness plan fast and furiously, but while lucky Jupiter moves through your twelfth house of spirituality from May 13 to July 28, you could feel yourself drawn to a more mind-body-balancing approach. Checking out more stretching or yoga routines on your fave streaming app or even experimenting with aromatherapy and sound baths could offer a valuable restorative effect both inside and out.

Relationships: If you're single, you'll feel like you're able to connect faster with possible matches, and if you're attached, you'll finally start getting back out into the world for occasional date nights or safe meet-ups with friends. This is all thanks to romantic Venus in your third house of communication from May 8 to June 2. The month's buzzy, chatty vibe can be super-energizing for all your bonds.

Career: Around May 11, when the new moon falls in your second house of income, you'll be inspired to set a pragmatic intention related to your finances. Downloading a budget app or working with a finance coach might not sound like your usual idea of a fun time, but taking a small step in that direction now could translate to major returns, which absolutely are your jam.

Taurus (April 20–May 20)

Health: You'll feel empowered to set an ambitious goal — perhaps related to getting out of your comfort zone with your fitness plan — around May 11 when the new moon is in your sign. Because the moon forms a helpful sextile to dreamy Neptune in your eleventh house of networking, consider leaning on friends and colleagues to help you get creative and keep you accountable.

Relationships: Around May 26, when the lunar eclipse falls in your eighth house of emotional bonds and sexual intimacy, you could be reflecting on an intention or move you made related to a current or ideal relationship. You could feel like you're not receiving what you're putting out there or like you actually need to show up even more to fulfill your deepest desires. Carving out time for soul-searching (and maybe a little journaling) can bring clarity around whatever needs to change.

Career: While social Venus moves through your second house of income from May 8 to June 2, you could find it easier to share your most creative ideas with your S.O., friends, or colleagues. Not only can this moment set you up for winning them over, but their feedback and support could lead to mutually beneficial collaboration and financial rewards.

Gemini (May 21–June 20)

Health: You'll get a burst of can-do energy while the confident sun moves through your sign from May 20 to June 20. If you've been wanting to head back to your favorite workout studio for masked, in-person classes or start a new training program online, you'll have the green light. Just tune into whatever feels like it will leaving you feeling the most vital mentally and physically.

Relationships: Around May 26, when the lunar eclipse occurs in your seventh house of partnership, you could be asking yourself heavy-duty questions about what you want in an intimate one-on-one relationship — be that one you're currently in or the one you've been dreaming about. It could be that something needs to change in order to bring more balance and reciprocity into the equation. Being brutally honest with yourself now can set you up for more satisfaction in the long-run.

Career: Thanks to big-picture Jupiter moving through your tenth house of career from May 13 to July 28, you can look forward to even more opportunities to step into the spotlight and into leadership positions professionally. Whether you're offered more responsibility or applauded by higher-ups, you'll feel like all of that hard work you've been putting in is finally paying off.

Cancer (June 21–July 22)

Health: Whether you've been overworking, ordering takeout too often, or phoning it in with your fitness efforts, you could feel extra sensitive to any imbalances in your daily routine around May 26 when the lunar eclipse falls in your sixth house of wellness. Getting clear on what's at the root of the challenge now — possibly through self-reflection or talking things through with a trusted mentor — can lead you to take positive action.

Relationships: Thanks to romantic Venus in your twelfth house of spirituality from May 8 to June 2, you'll feel especially protective and private when it comes to your love life. Not that you're necessarily broadcasting them all the time, but you'll want to keep fantasies and desires to yourself — or between you and your S.O. — and find a way to incorporate more mind-body practices (like deep breathing exercises) into your sex life.

Career: You could find yourself itching to expand your horizons — and skill set while lucky Jupiter moves through your ninth house of higher learning from May 13 to July 28. Soaking up knowledge can be especially empowering and lay the groundwork for advancing further down your professional path, so consider signing up for an intriguing continuing ed course or planning a future business trip.

Leo (July 23–August 22)

Health: Group workouts — whether in person or virtual — could feel extra rejuvenating both socially and in terms of your physical wellness while social Venus moves through your eleventh house of networking from May 8 to June 2. Connecting with others, especially around a beloved fitness routine, will have you glowing from the inside out.

Relationships: You could be ready to take a risk to satisfy your heart's desires around May 26 when the lunar eclipse lights up your fifth house of romance and self-expression. If you're single, this could look like sharing how you feel with someone you've had your eye on, and if you're attached, you could initiate a conversation with your partner about your long-term vision. Because it forms a tense square to expansive Jupiter in your eighth house of emotional bonds and sexual intimacy, you'll want to pay attention to your spiritual and physical needs as well.

Career: Around May 11, when the new moon falls in your tenth house of career, you'll get the green light to set a powerful intention related to your long-term professional vision. If you've been wanting to pitch a proposal that fires you up or throw your hat in the ring for a more senior-level position, now can be an especially fruitful time to make your intentions known and take the first steps in that dream direction.

Virgo (August 23–September 22)

Health: You'll get the green light to kick off a new, heart-pumping or restorative workout journey around May 11 when the new moon is in your ninth house of higher learning and adventure. You're obviously a pro at gathering all the relevant info necessary to learn new skills, but this moment lends itself to gaining know-how through action, being in the moment, and trading your perpetual inner monologue for letting loose and having fun (consider taking a page from Lana Condor's latest workout obsessions). You could be surprised how easy it is to break free of a mundane routine this way.

Relationships: While lucky Jupiter moves through your seventh house of partnership from May 13 to July 28, you could meet someone who feels like your true match, if you're single, and if you're attached, you'll be feeling even more loving vibes and enjoy an enhanced ability to work together as a team. This energy is super supportive of one-on-one collaboration, so don't hesitate to go big with your shared aspirations, whether that's buying a house, going on a big trip, or approaching your sex life in a new way.

Career: You'll have a special opportunity to speak up and present your big-picture professional goals with messenger Mercury, your ruling planet, in your tenth house of career from May 3 until its retrograde on May 29. Whether you want to brush up your resume or call a key meeting with higher-ups, you'll make an awesome impression, thanks to your communication savvy.

Libra (September 23–October 22)

Health: While expansive Jupiter moves through your sixth house of wellness from May 13 to July 28, luck is on your side when it comes to getting ahead on your fitness goals and making them a solid part of your daily routine. Think big and bold but also allow your imagination to run wild. Whether you've always wanted to get into reformer Pilates or advance your Kundalini meditation skills, you have what it takes to strive for and lock down results.

Relationships: Around May 11, when the new moon is in your eighth house of emotional bonds and sexual intimacy, zero in on a deep-rooted need or fantasy or kink you might not have given voice to in the past. It could be time to share it openly with someone you care about or otherwise put it out there (think: nodding to it in your dating profile or even journaling about it). Any of these moves could help you manifest it into reality.

Career: With charming Venus, your ruling planet, in your third house of communication from May 8 to June 2, you'll be fired up to trade notes on a variety of ideas with colleagues and friends. If you've been batting around a new social media strategy for your business or the thought of applying to a new opportunity, talking it through with people in your inner circle can help you pinpoint a winning way to move the ball forward — not to mention that they might be able to support you in that endeavor.

Scorpio (October 23–November 21)

Health: You could find yourself drawn to working closely with a dear friend, your S.O., or a health care provider toward a wellness goal around May 11 when the new moon is in your seventh house of partnership. Maybe you'll want to make your BFF an accountability buddy for your meal prep plan or start seeing a new therapist. Allowing yourself to lean on someone else could prove integral to locking down the results you have in mind.

Relationships: Get ready to enjoy all the sexy fun, flirtatious, and heartfelt moments you can handle from May 13 to July 28, thanks to lucky Jupiter lighting up your fifth house of romance and self-expression. Pretty much whatever you set your mind on love life-wise can be yours, whether that's diving into post-vaccination dating or resuming pre-COVID romantic date night and weekend getaway "programming" with your S.O. Basically, if anyone's set to have a summer of love, it's you, Scorp.

Career: You could have a realization about your current moneymaking approach around May 26 when the lunar eclipse lights up your second house of income. You might find that you've been putting your nose to the grindstone on a project or in a position that's just not in line with your long-term professional aspirations or that feels "off" for whatever reason. Taking some time to check in with your intuition now can help you pinpoint the best way to switch things up so you're fulfilled not just financially but spiritually.

Sagittarius (November 22–December 21)

Health: You'll feel motivated to set a big-picture goal related to your fitness and well-being around May 11 when the new moon is in your sixth house of wellness. Although you could be tempted to make it super wide-sweeping and ambitious, a smaller, pragmatic — and OK, maybe slightly less gasp-worthy — intention could be even more powerful right now. Committing to sneaking in more health basics (think: rest, water, or steps) could be more game-changing than you think.

Relationships: While romantic Venus moves through your seventh house of partnership from May 8 to June 2, you'll find even more pleasure than usual from prioritizing one-on-one time with your S.O. And if you're single, you could find you're not only more magnetic but also feeling like even more of an open book than usual while chatting with matches. Lively conversations could lead to lots of sparks flying around. (Look into zodiac compatibility to see how it can help your search.)

Career: Around May 26, when the lunar eclipse falls in your sign, you might feel ready to take a major stand professionally. Perhaps you're ready to design your exit strategy from an unfulfilling gig, make a play for more authority in your current position, or map out a game plan for reaching a next-level goal. This moment can be all about getting in tune with what you truly want, believing in yourself, then taking steps to create powerful change.

Capricorn (December 22–January 19)

Health: While the confident sun is in your sixth house of wellness from May 20 to June 20, starting new routines and implementing new structures — something you already really excel at, let's be honest — will come even more organically. This could be an awesome time to incrementally take your fitness goals to the next level, whether that means progressively adding more weight to your lifting or miles to your long runs.

Relationships: Around May 11, when the new moon is in your fifth house of romance and self-expression, consider opening up about whatever it is you've been wishing for in your love life. Putting your desires out there in a straightforward, heartfelt, communicative way now can serve to guide you down the very path you've been dreaming about.

Career: Get ready to tap into your intuitive side around May 26, Cap, when the lunar eclipse lights up your twelfth house of spirituality. This could be a time during which you have super-vivid dreams, déjà vu, or feel like your imagination is amplified — all of which could help you pinpoint a new path or approach to your big-picture professional goals. Allowing yourself to let go of the practical-minded "but how?" reflex as much as possible for this moment could prove incredibly inspiring and motivating.

Aquarius (January 20–February 18)

Health: Around May 26, when the lunar eclipse lights up your eleventh house of networking, you could feel like breaking out of your same old routine — with a little help from your friends. You might find a lot of freedom and fulfillment from hiking with besties you haven't seen in a while or connecting with colleagues going to outdoor spin classes. As long as you're feeling like a part of a community — large or small — as you work toward your personal goals, it'll feel like a win-win.

Relationships: You'll feel extra playful, spontaneous, and interested in prioritizing pleasure while relationship-oriented Venus moves through your fifth house of romance and self-expression from May 8 to June 2. Lean into your creative and intellectual impulses while flirting with your S.O. or someone new. Your signature quirkiness and interest in elevating the greater good makes you extra magnetic.

Career: You're no stranger to putting in all of the hours and a ton of your energy at work, but thanks to taskmaster Saturn moving backward through your sign from May 23 to October 10, you'll be nudged to focus more on how your mental and emotional health ties into your success. Striving to bolster your self-esteem through positive self-talk, meditation, or therapy could serve as a truly powerful game-changer now.

Pisces (February 19–March 20)

Health: Your curiosity and desire to connect with others will be off-the-charts around May 11 when the new moon is in your third house of communication. Take advantage by picking friends' and colleagues' brains about the workouts, recipes, or wellness rituals they've been loving. Trading notes could lead you to an intriguing new way to add self-care into your routine.

Relationships: Thanks to sexy Mars in your fifth house of romance from April 23 to June 11, your dating or love life should be full of pleasure and excitement. Expressing yourself in a fun-loving, joyful way comes naturally, and you'll go after what you want, which can have you practically radiating from the inside out. Now can be a seriously hot time to get clear on your desires — and know that you deserve to see them fulfilled.

Career: Prepare for a surge of optimism around your ability to hit all of your big-picture goals while lucky Jupiter moves through your sign from May 13 to July 28. It will likely feel like those wild dreams aren't really as out of reach as you initially believed them to be. In turn, making bold moves (think: starting a side hustle or wooing a top-tier client) can feel totally natural — and empowering. And rest assured that whatever you begin now will have a lot of time to grow once Jupiter shifts back into your sign for the better part of 2022.

Maressa Brown is a writer and astrologer with more than 15 years of experience. In addition to being Shape's resident astrologer, she contributes to InStyle, Parents,, and more. Follow her Instagram and Twitter at @MaressaSylvie.

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