The Best Digital Planners for 2022 to Help You Stay More Organized This Year

Nothing says "fresh start" or "new year" quite like an empty planner — but if carrying around a binder isn't your style, these digital planners for 2022 can help keep your to-do list travel-friendly.

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Whether you have an undying love of to-do lists or prefer more of an on-and-off relationship with keeping track of your tasks, having a place to go where you feel organized can be a huge relief in times of stress. And if you just so happen to be one of those people who prefer to keep everything on your phone rather than toting around a physical notebook, your search for control amidst the chaos is over. The year's best digital planners for 2022 are here to keep you on track.

When you're looking for a digital planner that can keep up with your busy schedule, there are a few things to keep in mind, according to organization expert Julie Bestry. "The kind of planner you use is less important than your commitment to it," she says. "Your commitment to a planner is a bit like your commitment to a significant other. If they lack too many of the features you need, or have too many attributes that annoy you, your attention will flag and you'll start flirting with other planners." (

That said, there are a few key questions you can ask yourself to double-check that the digital planner you're getting really makes sense for you, according to Bestry:

  1. What visuals tend to inspire me? Do I want color? Inspirational quotes? Stickers? Or none of the above?
  2. How detailed do I want to be about my time? Do I want to track it by the minute? Hour? Day? Week?
  3. Do I need to access my planner on different devices, such as a laptop, phone, and/or iPad?
  4. Will the planner be able to accommodate my visual accessibility needs—like enlarging text?
  5. What other kinds of features matter to me? Do I want blank space to doodle during meetings? The ability to use my Apple pencil? Color-coding and highlighting? The ability to collaborate with my coworkers?

Once you've hand-selected the ideal planning tool, you just have to commit to the habit of filling it out every day. Easier said than done, right? (

To help you do that, Bestry recommends carrying your planner with you wherever you go — the biggest advantage to opting for a digital planner over a hardcover book — setting alarms to remind yourself to check it frequently, and capping off every Zoom meeting with a quick update of your digital planner. "Commit to never making an appointment, agreeing to a date, or scheduling plans without checking your digital planner," says Bestry. "If someone asks you to do something and you don't have your device handy, ask them to text or call you later so that you can verify your availability."

The Best Digital Planners for 2022

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The 2022 GoodNotes Planner

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Keep track of your daily meetings, tasks, and top priorities with this highly-rated, sleek digital planner. You can also plan projects step-by-step, and even choose stickers to add some lighthearted fun to your day. This planner falls somewhere in the middle of minimal and maximal features, so if you're someone who loves to feel organized, but doesn't need to, say, plan for sixteen months from now, this digital planner for 2022 for you.

Available for use with the Good Notes app on iOS (Mac, iPad, or iPhone).

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Happy Downloads Rainbow Digital Planner Bundle for 2022

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If you crave a little pizzazz in your digital planners for 2022, this ROYGBIV-inspired download is for you. This one-time, digital download contains a host of different formats — including a weekly checklist, workout planner, nutrition guide, and even a debt payoff tracker. You can customize color palettes and choose whether you want your planner's digital rings to be gold or silver. But don't let the whimsical appearance of this organizer make you think that it can't help you tick off the most important items in your to-do list. This unicorn-colored planner still means business. (Related: Level-Up with This One-Month Workout Routine for Beginners From Sweat x Shape)

Available on iOS and Android for use with Goodnotes and Notability for iPad, Penly and Xodo (Android only), and Noteshelf (for iPad and Android.)

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Cyberberry Digital Planner

K-Digitals-Studio-LIGHT MODE CYBERRY-Digital-Planner-Products
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So you plan your life down to the very last detail? Great. Cyberberry is for you. This ultra-techy digital planner for 2022 is iPad friendly and comes with quarterly and yearly planning calendars, goal setting lists, meal planning sheets, docs for tracking your recurring tasks and errands, and, well, how much time do you have? Basically, if you've ever thought of making a list of something, Cyberberry has a template for you. So go ahead: Plan to your heart's desire.

Available as a PDF download that you can use with PDF mark-up apps such as GoodNotes.

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My Daily Planners 2022 Digital Planner

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My Daily Planner has daily, weekly, and even hourly schedule variations and also offers a robust quantity of lists from a mood tracker to a reading list. However, it's made for those who want a digital planner with the feel and freedom of a real paper organizer. Plus, each layout has a dotted page where you can doodle or bullet journal during endless Zoom meetings. (Huge win.)

Available for iOS and Android as a PDF download to use with PDF mark-up apps such as GoodNotes.

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Etsy Undated Daily Schedule Planner

Etsy-Undated Daily Schedule Planner iPad-Digital-Planner-Products
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Those who prefer to plan their lives one day— or perhaps one hour —at a time will thrive with this simple, no-fuss planner. The aesthetically pleasing layout features cool neutrals, and plenty of space to line up your to-do list, daily schedule, and goals for the day. It even includes a little section where you can list out what you're grateful for, and assess how the day's work went for you.

Available as a PDF download and compatible with iPad with GoodNotes, Notability, Xodo or similar PDF mark-up apps.

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