Kate Hudson Tried Laughter Yoga — Here's What That Means

Spoiler alert: The benefits to laughing are no joke.

Kate Hudson
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They say laughter is the best medicine, and Kate Hudson seems to be taking that advice to heart. The actress shared a clip on TikTok of her giggling to herself in bed. While it might sound silly, she was actually trying a form of laughter yoga, and the practice has real benefits.

In her latest TikTok video, Hudson duets a clip from user Linda Leclerc, who's recently become popular on the app for sharing how you can use laughter to boost your mood. Leclerc's original video demonstrating a laughing technique currently has 5.7 million views and counting, prompting many users to duet her clip and give the practice a try, including Hudson.

Leclerc begins her clip by telling listeners to do what she does. She slowly begins making herself laugh, one purposeful "ha" at a time until she's fully giggling. Hudson follows along in her own clip, starting slowly with singular "ha's" that turn into genuine laughter. It's undoubtedly entertaining to watch and may even bring a smile to your face, which is kind of the point.

While Leclerc's video has recently picked up popularity, the practice of laughter yoga is far from new. Not exactly a traditional form of yoga, this technique is all about "learning how to laugh on purpose and recognizing that your body doesn't know the difference between laughing on purpose and waiting on another reason to laugh," Sarah Routman, Minneapolis-based certified laughter yoga leader who runs a company called Laugh Healthy, previously told Shape.

It turns out, you don't need to hear a joke or watch a funny TV show to start laughing. In fact, 20 percent of laughter occurs because you simply think something is humorous, you feel nervous, or you're trying to make a social connection with someone. It's not necessarily because something funny is actually happening, according to research from Laughter: A Scientific Investigation, Shape reported.

Researchers have been studying the health benefits of laughter since the 1960s, finding that laughter may boost the immune system and even stave off illness. Laughter is also linked to social bonding and pain relief thanks to the endorphins it releases. Some studies have found it may reduce anxiety, improve mood, and lower blood pressure, Shape previously reported.

While it's no secret children laugh all the time, people tend to laugh less often with age, which is why something like laughter yoga may be a good idea to try if you're looking for a quick mood boost. If you're game to give it a go, take a page from Hudson's book and start by watching Leclerc's recent TikTok video. She demonstrates a common laughter yoga technique called laughter breaths, involving taking an inhale followed by an exhale with the sound "ha" that you can repeat over and over again. Following along with Leclerc as she makes herself laugh may just get you giggling too.

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