Kelsey Wells Shared the Cute Reason She Meditates with Her Dog

The trainer likes to merge meditation and quality time with her pet — two practices linked to multiple health benefits.

Photo: SWEAT App / Kelsey Wells

In case you need any more reason to meditate, it can double as quality time with your pet. Take it from PWR trainer Kelsey Wells who revealed that her dog Paddington likes to join her in her daily meditation sessions. (

In an adorable video that Wells posted to Instagram, the trainer sits with her eyes closed in meditation. Paddington is cuddled up to his mama throughout the entire video just chilling. "Every time I sit to meditate, my puppy jumps into my lap," Wells writes on the video. "he nuzzles his head under my chin and lays on my chest. Once my breath slows he licks the palms of my hands. he'll usually sit with me the entire 20–30 minutes🥺❤️" (

Wells' motivation to meditate goes beyond wanting to spend time with Paddington (though that'd certainly be reason enough). "Meditation has become my #1 non-negotiable tool for taking care of my health — yes, even before physical exercise," writes Wells in the caption accompanying her post. "I do 3-4 PWR sessions each week, and move my body most days doing some sort of cardio activity, but I truly feel I need to meditate DAILY. Lately I've been struggling to prioritize it (for the time I know I need to) and I feel such a difference in my mental AND physical health."

Wells is right: research suggests meditation is incredible for your mind and body. Studies link meditation to a whole host of benefits, including decreasing stress levels, fighting anxiety and depression, improving sleep, and more. And while she doesn't bring them up in her post, similar benefits may result from owning a pet. Studies suggest that spending time with pets may help you stay mindful and reduce stress, anxiety, and depression. No wonder Wells makes both a priority. (

Wells wraps up her caption by encouraging her followers to meditate. "I'm recommitting to dive DEEPER into my meditation practice, and I want to challenge YOU to do the same," she writes. "If you don't currently meditate!? I AM SO EXCITED FOR YOU!! Simply start with sitting in silence for 3-5 mins each day."

Ironically, meditating as a means to truly relax can be pretty intimidating if you've never done it before. If you want to take Wells' advice as a newbie, this beginner's guide to meditation and these YouTube videos are great starting points. (Cuddly dog: optional.)

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