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Gifts for Your Friend Who Got Really Into Crystals This Year

A Rustic Zodiac Candle Holder

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For a gift that's slightly more personal than your basic store-bought candle, opt for these handmade reclaimed wood candle holders that feature an antique zodiac sign of your choice. ($23;

Photo: Etsy

A Pink Quartz Mirror

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Not only does this mirror look trendy, it also features rose quartz, which is said to promote love and attract romance—so it's really the gift that keeps on giving. ($79;

Photo: Urban Outfitters

A Fancy Constellation Carousel

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You can file this one under pretty, frivolous gifts you'd never buy yourself but would be not-so-secretly thrilled to receive. This limited-edition constellation carousel attaches to a candle (not included) and turns when lit. ($50;

Photo: Diptyque

Kim Kardashian's New Perfume

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Even if she doesn't keep up with the Kardashians, chances are high she'll appreciate the brand new KKW crystal gardenia fragrance, which is intended to instill a sense of zen. The crystal-shaped bottle is inspired by the healing crystals Kim turned to last year. ($60;

Photo: KKW

Barre Socks with a Mindful Message

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These comfy, grippy socks make for a thoughtful yet affordable gift for the barre or Pilates-going woman in your life. ($16;


Photo: StickyBe

A Crystal Tool Kit

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For your friend who still doesn't quite know how to use her crystals yet (or just wants to learn more about them), consider gifting this starter kit. It includes a sage smudge stick for cleansing your space, 30 crystals, and a copy of Crystal Muse for step-by-step instructions on how best to use them to set intentions and conquer any negative vibes in 2018. ($88;


Photo: Crystal Muse

A Crystal Water Bottle

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Made from snowflake obsidian, this crystal helps you stay centered on stressful days and is said to help cleanse negative energy, either from your environment or from within, for positive 2018 vibes. Plus, it'll look damn good on any desk. ($108;


Photo: Free People

A Chic White Candle

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A fresh, airy, and calming scent in a minimalistic ceramic vessel that she can reuse even after her fifty hours of burn time is up. ($68;

Photo: Phlur

A Meditation Starter Pack

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A mindful gift set complete with a cushion, sandalwood mala beads, and journal will take any meditation practice to a whole new level of zen. ($62;

Photo: Yogaworks

A Bold Blue Moon Phase Calendar

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This 2018 moon phase calendar doubles as chic wall art for the celestial-obsessed. ($18;

Photo: Etsy

A Trendy Crystal Tray

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This tray is made of the royal blue-hued crystal soladite, which encourages truth and intuition. She can use it to show off her perfume bottles, jewelry, or you know, charge her other crystals if that's her thing. ($149;

Photo: Stoned Crystals

Material Girl, Mystical World

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Written by a fashion journalist turned spiritual blogger (think Carrie Bradshaw meets Elizabeth Gilbert), this book is perfect for anyone dipping their toes into meditation, tarot, or astrology. ($15;

Photo: Urban Outfitters

A Sleek Aromatherapy Diffuser

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This diffuser features both an ambient and meditation light that lets you turn your bedroom or bathroom into a spa-like meditation zone with your favorite aromatherapy scents. ($60;

Photo: Pilgrim Collection

A Stackable Crystal Gemstone Bracelet

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These simple, adjustable bracelets come in a variety of pretty gemstones so you can choose which message speaks to you. This version features labradorite, which purportedly helps balance your energy through life's ups and downs—who doesn't need that after this year? ($38;


Photo: Gorjana

A Pretty Pink Clay Skin Care Set

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This brand has a cult following for a reason: Their small-batch, all-natural, and therapeutic-focused products smell amazing and work. Gift this pink clay cleansing bar, exfoliating mask, and hydrating coconut water mist to your skin-care obsessed friend, mom, or sister. ($45;


Photo: Herbivore


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