Their powerful protest is raising awareness all over the world.
Miss Peru Contestants List Gender-Based Violence Statistics Instead of Their Measurements

Things at the Miss Peru beauty pageant took a surprising turn on Sunday when the contestants teamed up to take a stand against gender-based violence. Rather than sharing their measurements (bust, waist, hips)-which is what is traditionally done at these events-they stated stats on violence against women in Peru.

"My name is Camila Canicoba," said the first woman to take the microphone, as first reported by Buzzfeed News, "and my measurements are, 2,202 cases of murdered women reported in the last nine years in my country."

Romina Lozano, who ended up winning the competition, gave her measurements as the "3,114 women victims of trafficking up until 2014."

Another contestant, Bélgica Guerra, shared, "My measurements are the 65 percent of university women who are assaulted by their partners."

Shortly after the competition, the hashtag #MisMedidasSon, which translates to "my measurements are," began trending in Peru, allowing people to share more statistics about violence against women.

As you can tell by these stats, violence against women is a serious issue in Peru. The Peruvian Congress has approved a national plan that will apply to all levels of government, requiring them to work together to prevent and punish violent acts against women. They also set up shelters across the country to provide temporary refuge to women who were being abused. Unfortunately, there's still a long way to go, which is why thousands of women took the streets earlier this year to urge authorities to do more, and Miss Peru contestants dedicated Sunday's event to raising awareness.