Misty Diaz is giving keg stands a whole new meaning.


Spina bifida hasn't stopped Misty Diaz from defying odds in her fitness journey. A quick scroll through her Instagram, and it's clear that this woman is the ultimate badass. She completed the Red Bull 400—the world's steepest 400-meter race—in just 25 minutes, and she recently PRed on the bench press at an impressive 107 pounds. But her most recent post proves her strength in a truly mind-blowing way.

In a slow-mo video, Diaz does a push-up on top of what appears to be a keg. But mind you, it's not a regular push-up. To show off her insane upper-body strength, Diaz's legs are airborne, meaning only her arms are supporting the entire weight of her body. (As if regular push-ups aren't hard enough.)

And BTW, she doesn't just do one push-up. Diaz completes (at least) four push-ups in the video—with impeccable form, too.

"What type of superhero would I play?" Diaz wrote alongside the video with the hashtags #mondaymotivation and #spinabeautiful. (Feeling inspired? Try our 30-day push-up challenge for seriously sculpted arms.)

For those who might not know Diaz, she was born with myelomeningocele (the most severe form of spina bifida), a birth defect that inhibits your spine from developing properly. Doctors told her that she'd struggle to walk and be mobile, but that didn't deter her from chasing her dreams and becoming the inspirational activist and athlete she is today.

"I just never let that get to me," she previously told us. "If there was a 50- or 100-meter dash, I'd sign up for it, even if that meant walking with my walker or running with my crutches."

Even though Diaz has undergone 28 surgeries, she's managed to run more than 200 5Ks, several half marathons, and crush obstacle-course events all around the world—crutches and all.

"You can do whatever you want if you put your mind to it," she says. "If you fail, get back up. Just keep on moving forward. And most importantly, enjoy what you have at the moment and allow that to empower you because you never know what life will throw your way."


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