Women are capable of amazing things, you guys.

By Faith Brar

In case you need more proof that the female body is freaking amazing, take a look at Washington mom, Natalie Bancroft, who just delivered an 11-pound, 2-ounce baby boy. At home. Without an epidural.

"I honestly didn't think of what a big baby he was at first," Bancroft told TODAY. "I was shocked because I thought we were having another girl," she adds. "(This) pregnancy mirrored that of my daughter's. My kids had been calling my belly Stella for months!"

Fortunately for Bancroft, she only endured labor for four hours (active labor can last eight hours or more). But it was a lot harder than what she'd experienced during her other pregnancies.

"The pain was all-encompassing," she said. "But I gave in to the surges and worked with my body. Breathing properly and relaxing every muscle is key." Thankfully, she had plenty of help from her team of supporters that included her husband, two children, and two midwives.

Today, three months after delivery, little Simon is healthy and is happy. "Simon only gets upset when he is demanding milk," Bancroft says. "We couldn't ask for an easier baby."

And while Bancroft didn't have the easiest delivery, she, like every parent, would probably tell you it was worth every ounce of pain. Congrats to the new mama.


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