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This Mom of IVF Triplets Shares Why She Loves Her Postpartum Body

After struggling with infertility, Desiree Fortin gave birth to IVF triplets a year and a half ago. In a recent blog post, the young mom and photographer revealed that she was recently congratulated on her "baby bump" twice in one week. But rather than being hard on herself on what she calls her "postpartum pooch," she wrote about how the comments taught her to appreciate her body for carrying and delivering three five-pound babies into the world. (Related: New Mom Pens Heartfelt Post About Self-Love After Childbirth.)


New Blog Up. Celebrating my Scars. Link in Bio. "Despite how difficult my postpartum was and sometimes still is, what I see more than anything when I look at my Hope wounds is a beautiful and loving Mama trying to do all she can to provide the greatest love and care for her miracles. I see a strong woman who not only fought and conquered infertility, but spoke up and ultimately didn't let postpartum anxiety and depression beat her. There is so much beauty in that when I look at my Hope wounds." #fortitrio #tripletmom #tigerstripes #postpartumbody #postpartumdepression #bebraveyou #motherhood #momlife #motherhoodsimplified #postpartum #mombod #hopewounds #proudmommy #babies #postpartummom #mystory #birthwithoutfear #selflovegeneration #ig_motherhood #postpregnancy #inspirepregnancy #celebratingmotherhood #wivesandmothers #empoweredbirthproject #mummytummy #babybelly #pregnancybeyond #stretchmarksarebeautiful #fourthtrimester #stopcensoringmotherhood

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"I was challenged to really think about my body," she says, referring to the comments made about her non-existent pregnancy. "Was I really proud of the wounds left behind on my stomach after carrying and delivering my triplets? Was I really beautiful?"

Fortin continues by explaining that despite her 'baby bump', she's able to see beauty in her scars because of the struggle she went through to become pregnant and bring three healthy babies into the world. (After successfully becoming pregnant with her triplets through IVF, doctors were concerned whether she'd be able to carry them to term, due to her small frame, she says.) "Even though I may have a little extra pooch and lots of tiger stripes, I longed for wounds like these," she says.

"My hope wounds are proof of my strength and bravery through the pain and loss of an empty womb and the extreme joy and glow of a fruitful womb."


In case you missed it: New Blog Up: Celebrating My Scars. Link in Bio. "As I reflected on the story God has written for me and how special my hope wounds are, I wanted to do something to creatively and beautifully represent them. I have seen dozens of maternity milk bath photos and they are gorgeous. I wondered if a photo like that would be just as gorgeous in my postpartum body. I hope you may also be inspired to love and embrace your postpartum body because behind those wrinkles and wounds is a beautiful story and woman of strength who brought life into this world." #fortitrio #tripletmom #tigerstripes #postpartumbody #postpartumdepression #bebraveyou #motherhood #momlife #motherhoodsimplified #postpartum #mombod #hopewounds #proudmommy #babies #postpartummom #mystory #birthwithoutfear #selflovegeneration #ig_motherhood #teammotherly #postpregnancy #inspirepregnancy #celebratingpostpartum #mombod #postpartumbody #celebratingwomanhood #mummytummy #babybelly #birthofamama #bumpbirthandbeyond #empoweredbirthproject

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In part, Fortin also appreciates her so-called 'flaws' because they tell the story of how she overcame postpartum depression. (Related: This Mom Wants You to Understand the Dark Side of Pregnancy and Motherhood)

"My hope wounds also represent some pretty dark days as a new mommy. For me, the sleep deprivation set in overnight ... My exhaustion eventually turned into anxiety and depression and I found myself multiple times sitting on the bathroom floor while my husband held me in his arms doing everything he could to just help me breathe normal," she says. "I was terrified and sad. I felt ashamed of myself and incredibly lonely. I see that when I look at my scars."

Today, Fortin's scars are a symbol of her victory—proof of all the battles she has won to become the mother that she is today.

"As I was challenged and inspired to really relish and embrace my hope wounds, I learned that I absolutely love who I am," she says. "I love my wounds, and I love the life that I have been given. I am so proud of my body and the representation it has of my journey."


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